15 Ways to Motivate Yourself When your Tank is Half Empty

As a motivational speaker it is my job to motivate, inspire and transmit positive energy to the people that hear me speak. Normally that is not a problem to do, but have you ever heard the expression, “when it rains, it pours”?

When a few bad situations come up in life, no big deal, however doesn’t it seem like in many cases that when one bad event happens, all sudden multiple unfavorable things happen along with it?

And with heavy rainfall of problems, how in the world are you supposed to motivate others?

The more I get into speaking the more I strive to use the honesty method. I don’t claim that I am perfect, that I know all the answers, that my life is without flaws, that my confidence is unshakable, that I have it all together, that I am without worries or that I am super woman.

Isn’t that what most motivational speakers come across as after they give a powerful motivational message to thousands of people? You might finish listening and think, “Wow they seem to have to all together”. If I made any of these claims I would be a horrible liar.

Actually, I have found that the more I pursue my personal and professional goals, the more doubts, and obstacles come up in the road.

Trust me, I have many moments, but these moments don’t usually last too long (some more than others).  I don’t work to eliminate these problems from coming, however I do strive to see the positive outcome out as quickly as possible.

Anyone following me here on the Nomadic Dreamer knows that my desire is travel and experiencing different cultures.  It may be a a surprise, but long term solo travel is not always as glamorous as you might think in your mind (we’ll get to that soon), although I wouldn’t change my experiences for the world.

Back to the beginning when I talk about how to motivate with your tank is low and how when it rains it pours. Well, the last month I have had many beautiful moments that I will never forget for the rest of my life in my travels, but it has also rained (figuratively speaking) WAY more than the normal.

A few of the setbacks have included:

  • Physically I have been feeling weak with chills and flu like symptoms.
  • Mentally I have been slightly overwhelmed trying to travel with a full load of summer fast track college classes (doing another degree while traveling..I graduate in December)
  • Unfortunate family problems that have taken a major toll on me
  • Car parking accident in my Spanish family’s beautiful Audi that caused bad damaged to the whole right side of the car (which was another unexpected cost)
  • I got locked up over night by English immigration officers for no given cause. They held me so long that I missed my expensive flights to Iceland. There was only one flight for that day and in order to make it I had to take a $150 pound taxi to get there (another unexpected cost). The minute I got to the airport my bag was a big oversized and they charged 80 USD to check (ouch).
  • On my travels to Ireland I caught the wrong train in the Barcelona train station that took me 1 hour outside of Barcelona. Again, the whole way to make my flight was a taxi and the cost was $160 euros (another unexpected cost)
  • After arriving to Ireland and having the car parked over night a small spot appeared on the rear bumped and although I had insurance, I was still charged 200 euros.
  • On that next day, in the same rental car there was a mechanical problem with the car. I had to wait over 2 hours on the side of the road for road side assistance and they charged me 200 additional euros.
  • London traffic jam which caused another missed train (but no big deal)

These are just a few of many more unfavorable situations that have happened in the over the last month, but the list could continue going on. With all of these not so pleasant experiences, especially in my travels, I have learned many different things that have been key to keeping myself motivated when I have felt like my tank has been empty.

Some of these include:

1. Rest: There is nothing better than resting for me in this kind of situations.

2. Talk it out: So thankful for my granny for being my ear to listen.

3. Exercise: A nice stroll alone through London at night time helped to clear the mind.

4. Realize that you can’t be and do everything: I am not super woman, although I would like to be.

5. Count your blessings out loud or on paper: After doing this you will normally find your problems are not so big in the big picture.

6. Comedians : A dose of Brian Regan on Youtube is a incredible medicine.

7. Happy positive music: Music releases good-enhancing chemicals in the brain.

8. Positive people:  When your tank is half empty the last thing you need is negativity.

9. Help someone else: Volunteer, cook someone a dinner and refocus your mind.

10. Read a book or listen to positive message: Work to rewire your brain to think on the good.

11. Mini weekend retreat alone: Sometimes the best way to recharge your batteries is some good quality time alone.

12. Write it out: Express yourself by spilling it all out on paper. I did that today and it’s a great way of expression.

13. Nature hike: A dose of fresh air and a hike in nature is my go to strategy for finding my motivation.

14. Electronics fast: Shut off the phone and computer for a day and just rest. You might be surprised how free you feel.

15. Make videos: Some of the times I have felt the most encouraged the last month is when I have done a Facebook live with my followers and talked about a encouraging topic.

Practicing these these and working to keep my mind on the positive regardless of what happens is what it takes to be able to keep motivating when my tank feels empty.

Don’t be surprised if in the path to your dreams you are faced with many doubts and obstacles in the way.

These are all just tests to make you stronger. Stay strong and keep on moving forward!


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