Do you Want 500 Euros?

If someone offered you a 500 € bill without having to give anything back, would you accept it?

Of course! With 500 € you could buy many different things, or even take a short trip to a nearby destination.

However, if someone takes that same bill, wrinkles it up and gives it back to you, would you still want it?

Of course….it’s still a 500 € right?

Now, how about if that person takes the bill, wrinkles it up, throws it on the ground and then spits on it. Would you still want it?

The answer still continues to be yes right?

If you said yes, you realize that even if the bill is wrinkled and dirty it still has the same value worth of 500 €

So, why should we look at ourselves differently?

In many moments of our life, we might feel like this bill: dirty, wrinkled and invaluable.

It could be for many different reasons:

  • We live a bad experience.
  • The person truly care about does not take the time to listen to you.
  • The one you loved abandoned you
  • Abuse (physical or mental)
  • Or anything that makes us feel bad and does not allow us to trust ourselves.

In these moments we might feel that we are worthless. Maybe some of you listen to a different family member or acquaintance tell you day in and day out that you will never amount to anything in life.

At difficult times like these, we must remember that just like the 500 €  bill, dirty and wrinkled, that we will NEVER lose our value.

No matter what happens, we have to remember that we are worthy, strong and capable of reaching our biggest dreams in life, but in order to get there, we must first know our value and not let anyone allow us to feel less than what we are really worth.



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