7 Fears to Confront as a Solo Female Traveler

It’s not an easy task to get out of our comfort zones and do something that we have never done before. Fear can be paralyzing if we give it permission to rule our lives. In the world we live in today, so many people live in a prison of fear, terrified of taking action to make their dreams become a reality.

Before traveling the world, I had tons of fears about my future and just my ability to live the life that I had always wanted. However, I quickly learned that if I wanted to life an extraordinary life and conquer my fears, I had to do more than just sit around and think and plan out my ideas.

What I knew deep in my heart I need to do was to take some serious action.

In 2013, I moved across the world to Spain, without knowing a single word of Spanish and decided to stop talking and start living.

From the beginning of the first summer I moved abroad, until now, I have taken upon every single opportunity that I can possibly find in order to test my limits and live my dream life.

As a world traveler, I have had to face more fears that I can possibly describe in words. Going from a small town in Arkansas, to venturing across the globe alone to almost 100 countries, I can relate to the fears that one may face while on the road.

From my personal experience, I wrote this article to talk about the top 7 fears that a traveler may face while traveling.


As I solo travel around the world, the most common question I get from others is the typical, “How in the world can you travel alone to all of these places? Don’t you get lonely? Before traveling alone, this was a fear that I had. Given that I had never traveled alone in my life, I had no idea the best ways to meet other travellers. I figured that I would just have to figure things out as I go and deal with the fact that I may have to spend lots of quality time alone. However, after my first solo trip, I realized how WRONG I was.

Traveling alone does not mean you will actually be alone. If you decide to travel alone, you WILL meet people.


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The unknown can be a very scary place, trust me! It is possible to gain a lot of knowledge about the places you travel to before hand, but the rest you will just have to take a leap of faith into the unknown. It’s much easier said than done, when you take a risk, you will often find that the unknown paths lead to some of the most exciting journeys.

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With recurring news about war and all of the horrible things happening, it’s understandable why most people don’t have the courage to travel, much less alone. Safety was the biggest concern that my family and friends had for me when I started traveling. After traveling long term, I learned that reality is a lot different than what is in the media and there are actually more people that are willing to help you than hurt you.

When traveling it’s important to do your homework before going in order to know about the place you will be traveling to and the acceptable behavior in order to be more prepared for any situation that might come your way.


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While on the road, some days are better than others. There will be days when you are surrounded by other travellers, exploring different places and having an experience of a lifetime. However, the next day you may find yourself down in the dumps, lonely, afraid and completely wanting to go home.

These feelings come and it’s part of the experience. The best part is that a Skype or a phone call is just a click away and sometimes all it takes is just a short phone call to our loved ones to get us back in perspective and ready for more adventures.

Getting lost

For some people there is nothing more scary than being lost in foreign land and with no one by your side to help direct you to the right place. This is a fear that many people have when traveling and it’s a fear that I have learned that is more exaggerated in the mind before traveling the the reality.

It’s easy to let our mind escape and to think of the worst possible scenarios of what could happen in solo traveling, like getting lost and stranded, but I can guarantee you that the horror story that you create in your mind is way worse than the reality of actually getting lost in your travels.

I have been lost MANY times throughout my years of travel. In fact, I have had to walk hours and hours in the dark, pouring down rain and no clue of where to go, but in the end everything works out and I find my way. If you try to look at every experience as an adventure, even getting lost and working to find your way back home can be an adventure.


Opinions of family and friends

How many opportunities do we lose in life because we are too afraid of what others will think of our decisions? Its not the most popular decision to pack up everything you have or quit your job and start traveling or to travel alone to different countries. Be prepared for others to tell you all of the reasons why you should NOT leave and all the dangers in the world.

Some might give you their honest opinions because they truly care and don’t want you to leave cause they will miss you and others say things out of pure jealousy.

In life it’s important to take into consideration what others say, but that does not mean you have to listen to each and everything you hear. Sometimes in life we will have dreams and goals that won’t make since to the ones around us, not even our closest friends and family, no matter how hard we try to explain it. In these moments is when we need to stand strong and do what we believe in our heart is the right thing to do for our life.


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Unwanted Attention

This is a common fear for many girls as they travel alone. Traveling to countries, especially Asian or African, its normal for western people to stick out, especially attractive females. While this is impossible to avoid, there are many actions you can reduce the attention drawn to you and keep you safe.

The best and most obvious way is by choosing wisely the clothes you wear. If you dress provocatively its more likely people will want your attention. A part from the clothes is the attitude. If you make close eye contact, flirt or have non verbal actions that are too friendly, this can cause others to get the wrong idea.

Keep your distance if you are not truly interested and if you still feel worried, stay in public areas and you should not have any problem.


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