A Mini Paradise: Mykonos Island, Greece

Mykonos Is one of the most popular Greek islands, known for its breathtaking views, blue and white houses, charming churches, windmills and amazing night life. This island has something to offer for just about anyone!

There you will see travelers, expats, honeymooners, youth and families. There is also a large homosexual scene, with many bars and night clubs of that style.

Mykonos is a beautiful places to visit, but it is highly suggested to pick a time of the year to visit that is not peak season if at all possible.  I made my first trip there in the middle of June, right before high season, and it was just beginning to get more crowded.

Many locals will say that the best time to visit is around September and October, just right after the end of the high season. In that time, you will be able to visit with lower prices and without the crazy traffic and large crowds of people.

Getting to Mykonos is simple. There is an airport located on the island, or you can choose to take a ferry from other greek islands, or from the capital, Athens.

I departed at 1600 from Athens on a high speed boat and was there by 1930 to see the amazing sunset.

One of my favorite parts about Mykonos was the amount of charming churches throughout the island.

Rumor has it that there are more than 800 churches, all unique with their own history and charm.

As you drive along the road you will see churches hidden off into the hills and along the seaside. One of the best ways to get around is by a scooter, four wheeler or renting a car, giving you the flexibility to stop at as many churches as possible and take in as much of the beautiful scenery as possible.

Mykonos has a wide range of beaches, from highly crowded and touristic, to quiet and completely isolated.  One of the most popular beaches in all of the island is called Super Paradise, also known as the most famous homosexual beach. While it’s beautiful, this place can get packed!

Other popular beaches include:

  • Platys Gialos (5km from the town)
  • Ornos (Known as the most family friendly beach on the island)
  • Ella Beach (the longest beach)

There are multiple other beaches, so don’t be afraid to get there and ask the local people their opinion on which to visit. Greek people are so friendly and can give you their local advice that you might not find on Google.

The night scene in the island is absolutely crazy! Many people refer to Mykonos as the Ibiza of Greece. Some places can get very crowded, so its necessary to book a table in advance, so you are not just one of hundreds of people crammed into the open area.

Some of the Popular night clubs are:

  • Cavo Paradiso
  • Scandanavian Disco
  • Tropicana Beach Bar and Restaurant,
  • Babylon Super Paradise Beach Club

If you want to escape the party scene and move into a more romantic place, you can visit Little Venice. This is an area, located right along the water that is lined with 18th century fishing houses that have been turned into restaurants, and bars.

The water is so close to the sitting area that when the waves break against the walls, you will most likely get drizzled by water. Walking through the narrow streets of this part of Mykonos you can see art at its best form.

People travel from all over the world to take a stroll through this area and take pictures of the unique streets and art styles, which are distinct from any other place in Europe.

In the evening time, most visit Little Venice to see the sunset reflecting over the ocean. Its possible to enjoy the views while having dinner along the waterfront, but its important to reserve in advance.

Apart from the amazing night life, beautiful views, the artistic streets, and the amazing sunsets, one of the main things this island is known for is their fresh fish, greek salad and delicious wine.

While many places are highly touristic, you will be able to find many local places with delicious, freshly caught fish. I have to admit, I have eaten at places all over the world, but nothing beats the fresh taste of Greek food.

Mykonos is highly recommended on my list and it’s a place that I will visit again in the future!



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