A New Life Perspective: Burnt to the Ground

Life has a way of sometimes throwing you curveballs in moments in which you least expect it. That is exactly what happened in 2001 when an unexpected tragedy happened that changed my family’s life and outlook on how fragile life really is.

It was a windy day in April and my older brother, Justin, who was just a teenager, was home alone for the evening. We lived in a two story home at that time and when we were not outside playing, we spent our free time upstairs in the computer room chatting with our friends and surfing the internet.

My brother has always had a love for catching things on fire. Any chance he had, he would burn or do something crazy with fire.  In April 2001, he decided that he was going to burn a pile of trash that we had piled up for weeks in the burning barrel next to our home.

He gathered the boxes, lit the fire and ran upstairs to chat on MSN messenger while the fire got started. Given that he had burnt trash in the barrel next to our house countless times without any problem, he didn’t think too much of it and continued talking with his friends.

After a bit of time passed he smelled something strong coming from outside and he quickly ran out to check. He opened the door to walk downstairs and he could barely believe his eyes.  The whole entire downstairs was going up in flames and it was moving rapidly in his direction.

Without hesitation, he shut the door, ran to call 911 and grabbed the dog, two cats and a few important things of his.

Completely in shock at what was happening, he ran outside and watched the house that he was born and raised in go up in flames.

Thankfully, my brother and the animals were safe, but this experience taught us hard lesson on the things that really matter in this life.

As a young girl, this was a hard concept to grasp. I lost all my toys, my collection of beanie babies and glass dolls, clothes and everything that I held so dear to my heart since I was a child.

In that time of transition, my family learned a valuable lesson on what really matters in life.

Of course, it was difficult to lose all our of material possessions that we have spent our lifetime with, but this experience shed light on the importance of the relationships that we have with our friends and family and the memories that we make through our experiences.

These experiences and our personal relationships that we work to build each and every day are the ones that truly matter in life.


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