Advantages of NOT Traveling by Airplane

Traveling is your chance break your normal patterns and to tap into your adventurous spirit. Its one thing to get on a flight and travel to and from different states or countries, but a WHOLE different experience when you decide to do it overland.

If you are one that is traveling with a tight schedule, dislike long hours in a car, bus or train, have motion sickness, a highly active bladder, little patience or an fearful spirit, this article is probably not for you.

However, if you are looking for a wild adventure that takes you across some of the most beautiful roads, with views that will take your breath away, then this is for you.

One of the best decisions I made was traveling across 25 European countries overland and road tripping over 30 hours across the USA more than 10 times. They were unforgettable experiences that could not of been possible by airplane.

You all know the advantages of traveling in airplane: speed, comfort, price (in some cases) and convenience.

After traveling countless times across the word, I created a list with the top advantages from my own personal experience:

1. Scenery

The world is full of so many beautiful places with scenery that will take your breath away. Traveling by car, bus or train allows you to see a world of hidden beauty that you won’t get looking through the small windows on an airplane.

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2. Flexibility

The main reason I chose to travel only overland is for the flexibility. I wanted an experience where I could freely choose at the last minute if I wanted to right or go left.

I have traveled for years in airplanes, but I wanted the flexibility to stop along the way, have a picnic if I saw a cool park and have dinner with a local if I met someone cool along the way. Traveling overland gives you this kind of flexibility.

3. Experiencing Different Cultures

When you are traveling overland and passing through different countries, you see a little bit of everything. Even if you don’t decide to stop for long, you can still get a feel of the culture by an hour long stop for lunch at a local restaurant.

Sure, you can get the cultural experience once you get off an airplane, however what you do miss is the small countries that most people tend to forget like Montenegro, Macedonia o Liechtenstein.

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4. Reduce of Stress

When people travel by airplane what is typically a stress when it comes to packing bags? Restrictions. When flying by airplane there are so many problems you eliminate by traveling overland. This can be very helpful if you are traveling long term.

This will give you the opportunity to travel with your favorite bottle of perfume, shampoo or take back that beautiful snow globe you find as a souvenir along the way. On top of all that you don’t have to deal with the security issues in the airport and the fees that go along with a bag 1 kg too big.

5. Comfort

The comforts of a car beats by a long shot the discomfort of an airplane. You bring your big favorite pillow, blanket or even take a rest by laying out in the back of the car.

6. Picture Opportunities  

If you love to take pictures, this is the perfect way to travel. By going in a car, you are able to just stop at any given point the moment you see something beautiful and take a picture and go on.

Road tripping through the USA by car multiple times has given me the opportunity to stop each time I see a state sign and take a picture by it (a long time bucket list item).

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Open yourself up to a new experience. Be willing to travel the road less traveled. The experiences you can have will rock your world.


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