Aren’t You Afraid to Travel Alone?

When I was traveling alone through Europe and Africa, only by means of hitchhiking and couchsurfing, I was constantly asked, “Sarah, aren’t you afraid of doing this all alone?” The idea of sleeping in a random house every 3-4 days on the couch of a total stranger or hitchhiking at times via 3-5 cars every few days alone is an amazing act of courage, but by this time, it has become my normal.

Let’s back up a bit. To answer the question, at first yes, I was a bit nervous. However, when you are doing the same things over and over for a period of time, it becomes quite normal. I no longer have that initial nervousness that I once had.

Don’t be mistaken; I am not afraid, but no matter how much experience I have hitchhiking I will ALWAYS be cautious.

Traveling alone by means of hitchhiking and couchsurfing forces you to form a VERY close friendship with that inner voice that alerts you in times of danger. Sometimes your best friends can lead you astray, and so can that little voice, although it has not yet done that to me.

“Sarah, you are crazy? All it takes is ONE bad experience with one host or driver and you’re DEAD! These things happen to people all the time”.

I hear this all the time. Yes, it is true that all it would take is one bad experience to lead me to my grave. I am more aware of that possibility than most people realize.

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However, if I am aware of the risks, choose my hosts and drivers carefully, and do all that is in my control, why would I focus all my extra attention and live in fear about what COULD happen?

I truly believe that we will attract into our lives what we focus our minds and energy on.I choose to focus my attention on the good in people, rather than the bad. Naive?

One could call it that, but after traveling in over 200 different cars, in over 40 countries, with 100+ different hosts by myself, I have yet to be robbed or in any serious danger.

I choose to keep my eyes focused on one simple belief: There are more people who are willing to help you than to hurt you. If you focus your life around that belief, then you better believe that good things will find you.

How many live in fear of what COULD happen and miss different opportunities that are presented to us?

Do you hear one horror story that happens in the world and base your reasonings around that or are you intelligent enough to take into account the 10000 amazing stories that happen daily?

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