Argentina: Take a Nature Vacation

Have you ever finished a nice long trip and arrived home only to find yourself exhausted and needing another vacation just to rest and recover?

After an exciting three weeks traveling through different parts of Uruguay and Argentina, I found myself mentally and physically exhausted. Every day of those couple of weeks consisted non stop travel between different cities, television and radio interviews, collaborations with companies and governments, blogging and capturing the special moments of the day, long hours of bus transportation and very little sleep.

After leaving Córdoba Argentina and finally receiving my Brazilian passport, I was on my way north towards Brazil. I had learned about a very highly rated nature hotel in the north called Ñande Reta and thought that it could be a perfect and needed stop on my way to Iguazu Falls in Brazil (one of the wonders of the world).

One great thing about Argentina is their bus systems, especially compared to other parts of the world I have visited. From my experience they were organized and much cleaner than other places and for that reason I decided to opt out of taking an airplane and go overland.

From a first glance look at the map it doesn’t seem like much distance from the middle of Argentina to the north, but looks can be deceiving.

In order to get to Cordoba to the hotel would be around 15 hours by bus and another 6 by car. Being the adventurous person than I am, and already going in the direction of Brazil, I decided to take the challenge and make my way to the north to go a city called Goya.

After a long ride, I arrived at 0300 and I was out in the middle of nowhere. The hotel arranged my transportation and from there we made the long 5+ hours by truck to the hotel. If one is looking for adventure then this is the road to take. Many parts of the road was not paved, so much of it was a bit like being on a roller coaster ride. I will admit, I am very thankful that I don’t get carsick.

It was a long journey, but arriving to the hotel made the experience all worth while.

I felt an instant energy and sense of coziness as we arrived to the hotel in the morning, just in time for breakfast. The location is located way out in the middle of nowhere. Nature was all around and silence filled the air. I wandered upon arriving and instantly noticed their nice big pool, with hammocks and chairs all around to relax and read a book.

This type of hotel is like a outdoor retreat. They offer many different types of activities throughout the day, like horseback riding, guided nature tours through the woods, night boat rides, daytime rides etc.

This is a perfect place for a family, a couple or a single person like me. This is one place that you’re able to come and forget about your worries and just relax. They have three organized meals throughout the day that are absolutely delicious, so you don’t have to think and find a location nearby to eat. The options varies and it was homemade, fresh and incredible!

The hotel had a very cabin like feeling and with rocking chairs in front of a chimney (it was summertime so we didn’t make a fire). Each and every one of the rooms were nicely designed and cozy, with an incredibly comfortable bed. One of my favorite parts was waking up in the morning with the window slightly cracked and hearing the birds outside and a nice cool breeze. My Internet connection did not reach my room, however, in the end I was grateful for that because it forced me to disconnect and only use the Wi-Fi when I needed it the most in the reception.

One of the best activities that this hotel offered was the opportunity to take a boat ride in the evening (also offered at night) to see the alligators and all the animals were in and around the water. I was pleasantly surprised with how many animals and wildlife we actually saw in the time that we went out. I had my camera going the whole entire time and got some really great pictures of this exciting journey.

However, I think out of the whole entire experience, my favorite was the sunset that we saw on the boat ride back to the hotel. It was hands-down the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen! I can’t even begin to explain the peace that I felt in that moment.

Sometimes when life is chaotic and we work day in and day it with people, the best medicine is a little bit of nature and time alone. Studies actually show that people’s mental energy is rejuvenated when they spend a little bit of time in nature, or even looked at a picture of nature.

The days that I was in this hotel also allowed me some time to clear my head, get a new perspective, clearer concentration and get me back on focus to continue the rest of my travels. When many people think of vacations, many think of nonstop activities, big cities, beaches and parties. However, having a nature vacation could be a different vacación worth exploring.

Take time for yourself. Get outside in nature. Put down your electronics and stop long enough to hear the birds singing and feel the wind blow against your skin. When you do this, you will feel more rejuvenated, happy, peaceful, and ready to tackle any problem that comes your way.


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