Bathe Yourself Everyday in Motivation

Choosing to live a happy, positive life is a choice that you have to make each and every day.

There will be some days in our life, in which we do not want to get up in the morning. Maybe things just seem like they won’t get any better and you keep going further and further down in the hole.

In these moments we must make a decision: are we going to stay in this hole, or are we going to strive to see the positive and motivate ourselves.

Many people say that staying motivated is something that only lasts during a short period of time. We get enthusiastic about life, and before we know it, a bad circumstance happens and we lose the enthusiasm we once had.

It’s true, motivation does not last, but neither does bathing.

We can’t expect to take a shower at the beginning of the week, then go to work each day, exercise daily and by the end of the week expect to be just as clean as we were when we first showered.

The same way bathing is recommended each and every day, so is motivating ourselves.

We must choose to motivate ourself each and every day, the moment we wake up.

Whether it is waking up and doing some sort of exercise, talking with a close friend, reading a book, watching an inspiring video online, making time to do something you love or simply just waking up and choosing to be grateful for what you have been given, we must look for our own way to motivate ourself each and every day.

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