Camino de Santiago: Stop and Turn Around

In the last week of the Camino de Santiago I passed through Galicia in the northern part of Spain to the small village of O Cebreiro. Given that I was approaching the end of my journey, I had my eyes on the prize; Finisterre, Spain.


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At that point I was stronger than I had ever felt in my life. I was motivated and I didn’t care what others said about how difficult it was to get up that last mountain, I was going to do it all in one day.

Each step I took, I kept my eyes fixed ahead, powering through and making great time. However, after a couple of hours of walking something inside told me:

“Sarah, STOP”

When I had this overwhelming thought, I was already half way up the mountain and I didn’t have time to just STOP.  I first wanted to get to the top AND THEN I could take a break.

However the voice said again:  “STOP…… NOW”

When I agreed to stop I then heard:  “Take your backpack off and just turn around.”

When I turned around the breath was instantly knocked out of me.

It was the most beautiful view I had seen until that moment in the Camino. I stood there unable to take my eyes off this beauty and was overwhelmed with the reality:

I had been so focused on looking ahead and what I really needed to do was just stop and turn around. 

In life people always say to look ahead and leave the past in the past, however I learned in that moment that looking back and seeing from a distance the steps I had just taken was just as important as looking ahead at where I was going.

Looking backwards gives us the big picture. It shows us our true strength by allowing us to see how far we have come. By getting this perspective it can and will help us to keep moving forward in the moments where we feel like we can’t go on.

From that moment and until this day,  I always make a special effort to always take time to stop in my life, turn around and take time to be grateful for the strength that has carried me to this present moment.

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  • Are you taking time to look back on your life and see all that you have come through?
  • Are you willing to slow down in life enough to just reflect on your life and gain a new perspective? 
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