The Prices in Your Catalog of Life

In earlier post, we talked about imagining your life as a catalog with endless pages of experiences that we can choose.

In this catalog, like any other catalog, has thousands of options with all different prices ranges. The cheaper the prices, the higher the probability is that the the item will not last long. However, if you spend the extra money, you can buy an item of quality that will last you for years to come.

If we talk about the catalog of life, the products would be our goals and dreams. If we only set small, easy goals and dream for ourself, we will need to invest little time and energy and don’t last long. However, if you dream big for yourself and put forth all the work and effort needed, you will have something that lasts long and is worth while. 

What kind of items are you choosing to buy from your catalog?

  • Are you flipping through and choosing all the cheapest items?
  • Do you flip through the catalog and see all the things and experiences that you want to have, but settle for less because you don’t think you deserve such an expensive item or experience?

Stop living this one life that we have with feelings of inadequacy and buying the cheapest items in your catalog.

Start believing that you deserve rich experiences in your life and go out and create that rich life that you have always dreamed of. 

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What is in your catalog in life? Are you in the path to following your dreams? Share below! 


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