Consistency in Achieving Your Goals

Think about something that took you a really long time to learn, like first learning to play the piano. When you start to learn it may seem impossible. As a beginner, you’re not familiar with the notes or hand positioning and the first sounds you produce will probably send people running in the opposite direction.

However, if you patiently dedicate your time and attention to learning, your ear screeching sound will eventually turn into a beautiful melody to the ear.

The key to forming a good habit or learning a skill is to repeat that action as often as possible over a period of time, without giving up.

When we perform an action, we form neuron paths for each of those actions. The more often we repeat an action, the more permanent those neural pathways become, until eventually the actions we perform are done without a conscious effort.

The reason why so many people’s goals fail is because people generally lose enthusiasm and give up the moment something gets rough or uncomfortable.

The idea of learning to play the piano seems fun in theory, but like most goals that are worth attaining, it is not always easy.

If you are going to do anything worthwhile in this life, you must have the consistency and strength to follow through with what you set your mind to no matter how hard it may be.

How do I keep my enthusiasm when those moments get tough?

  • Start slow. Slow and steady wins the race.
  • Practice patience and remember that everything worth having is worth fighting for.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to learn something new to the fullest.

It’s not going to be easy, but I promise you the payoff is worth the price.


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  • What secrets do you have in achieving your goals?
  • Do you normally finish what you start?
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