Couchsurfing: A Croatian Surprise

Traveling by means of couch surfing brings about many surprises. Although you should do all within your power to properly choose a host, you still can’t be 100% of what awaits you at each location.

I love it. For me that is part of the adventure and what keeps me going back for more.

Arriving in beautiful Croatia in summer time, where the weather is ideal and the beaches are to die for, you can’t help but fall in love.

After having spent day days in the postcard city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, I was off to hitchhike along the Croatian cost to my next destination, Split.

My couchsurfing host and I determined a meeting point for the evening at a restaurant and from there he would take me to his home on the water for the next two days.

I arrived at night, he took my bag, and I followed behind him as he led me to the direction of our transportation. He pointed off to the right, gave me a quick smile and said that we would be sailing on a massive sailboat to his home.

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Over the next three hours, he sailed me across the ocean, underneath a sky full of bright stars until we reached the island of Brac.

After arriving he left the whole boat for me to sleep in for the next 2 nights alone, basically a dream for any couch surfer who wants to have a new kind of experience.

It’s true, you can never be 100% sure of what kind of person awaits you or the experience you are going to have.

Sometimes the bests experiences only come after you stop focusing on what COULD HAPPEN and take a little risk into the unknown.

You never know, you might be surprised with a night sail across the ocean.

* Take risks, but do it as smart as you can*

  • In this case I HIGHLY recommend choosing a couch surfing profile that is 100% filled out and with many different references- that is the only reason I agreed in the first place. 
  • If you have doubts, ask him for his license to take a picture and send it to someone close to you. My host gave me all his personal information for pictures without even asking. 
  • Let someone close to you know when you are leaving and the minute you arrive.
  • Be smart, trust your gut and enjoy! 

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  • Have you had any surprise experiences like this in your own life?
  • Have you ever been the giver of such an experience?
  • Share your experiences below! 
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