Delayed Gratification

The current state of our life is an accumulation of all the life decision we have made up until this point.

It all comes down to decision, and in my case learning delayed gratification.

In my second year of college, all my close friends and I decided to go with my college, Palm Beach Atlantic University, to study abroad in London. It was the perfect situation: London with my close friends and an experience of a lifetime.

I was so excited, bought my $1000 plane ticket and then reality really started to sink in….

“Wow this is going to be expensive!!!”

At that point I knew nothing about how to handle money, the horrible facts about student loans (especially ones with 13% interest rate), but each day we got closer to the fall semester, the more that little voice kept telling me:

“Sarah, now is NOT your time to go. Your time will come. You already have $30,000 in debt and you don’t need more.”

The doubts were flooding my head each and every day. I really wanted to go with my friends. I even spent the money and bought the flight.

The time came and my friends boarded the international flight to London…however, it was without me. As hard as it was, deep inside I knew that it was the right thing to do, although it seemed so unfair.

Sometimes opportunities are presented to us and it seems like the BEST possible situation we could ever imagine.

Many times we get excited, make plans and after some time we realize, while it is good, its not the right time.

As much as it hurt, I practiced the concept of delayed gratification. I delayed what I wanted, knowing that my time would come if I worked hard, was patient and waited until my heart felt like it was time.

Less than 5 years later, and after many many MANY hours working and saving, my time finally came.

I not only got 1 semester abroad like I originally wanted. I have had the opportunity to live more than 2.5 years in Europe, just because I was patient in my plans. All the long hours working, while my friends were doing the traveling, seemed unfair at the time.

However, I am so proud to say that as of December all that hard work paid off and I officially finished paying over $42,000 in loans and am now completely debt free and still living in Europe!

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  • When it comes time to make an important decision do you take time to weigh the pros and cons ?
  • Do you think about the possible outcome of your results or do go with the first opportunity that is presented?
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