Face Your Biggest Fear

Public speaking had always been my biggest fear.

I can remember taking my first public speaking class at Palm Beach Atlantic University in my freshman year of college and thinking that it would be an impossible task. I can remember vividly moments before getting up before my first speech: a racing heart, sweat running down my face, dry mouth and a constant urge to pee, regardless of how many times I went to the bathroom.

With tears running down my face, I stood up in front of the class and nervously gave my speech. What a disaster! I will admit that this class did serve to get me outside of my comfort zone a bit in the aspect of public speaking, but after finishing the class with an A, I still continued on with severe stage fright. My stage fright was something that did not make sense to the people around me, myself included. I frequently asked myself,

“How could it be that me, being such a social butterfly who talks to everything that moves, can suffer from such fear when getting up in front of audiences?!”

I always thought about how cool the idea would be to connect with an audience and inspire and move people’s hearts, like speakers such as Tony Robbins or Zig Ziglar. I had always dreamed about what life would be like without this fear, but I could never seem to face it, no matter how hard I tried.

After living over two years in Spain my heart made a complete change. I had studied nursing and worked the field before living in Spain, but every day that calling to be a public speaker grew on the inside of me. However, not only was it a desire to be a public speaker in just my English language, but also Spanish.

Of course, in that moment I thought,

“If I can’t get up in front of an audience of more than 5 people without panicking, how in the world would I get up in a foreign language and speak, especially given that when I moved to Spain I didn’t know a word of Spanish.”

This desire grew on the inside as time passed. After traveling alone to over 40 countries and after my experience walking a famous pilgrimage called the Camino de Santiago, where I walked over 31 days across the country over 650 miles, I had lots of time to think about the direction of my life.

When I finished the Camino my mission was clear:

I need to use my stories and experiences to speak and help inspire the lives of people across the globe, in both English and Spanish.

Since I took that leap of faith and put action behind my desire, my life has changed tremendously. I have had the opportunity to try go out and face my biggest fear in life and because of that act of courage, I have had the chance to speak and inspire the lives of thousands of people, in both English and Spanish.

Want to know the exciting part? It’s only the beginning.

In life it’s easy to become paralyzed in fear so much that we don’t take action on dreams that we have in our heart.

Life is too short to live in fear any longer! 

Don’t wait another day and find yourself 10 years up the road with regrets, always wondering what could’ve been if you would’ve given it a try. It does not matter your age, it’s never too late.


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