Ferrari World (Abu Dhabi): World’s Fastest Roller Coaster

Ever since my earliest memories I have been a love of amusement parks and roller coasters. Even to this age, the moment I enter into an amusement park my face lights up and I can’t get enough.

If you have followed me for awhile you will know that I am a HUGE believer in making a bucket list. Its the place where you can write down all of the possible adventures you can think of and start making some of those dreams become a reality.

When it comes to adrenaline, I have a separate bucket list, and any chance I get I like to travel and mark a new item off the list.

Roller coasters, sky diving, bungee jumping, white water rafting…whatever the adventure may be, I have it on my bucket list.

Five years ago I visited Cedar Point Ohio in the USA.  This is home to the third fastest roller coaster in the world, going from 0-120 in 4 seconds. It is the first ever strata coaster in the world, a complete circuit roller coaster that exceeds 400 feet in height.

Ever since I had that experience it sparked a new fire in my heart to find the number one roller coaster in the world. After a week in Dubai, I set off to the capital of the United Arab Emirates to go to the famous Ferrari World, which is home to the world’s fastest rollercoaster, Formula Rossa.

Abeer from Juliet Turns the Page, faced a big fear of hers and joined me on this adventure. This roller coaster takes off at 239 km/h (149 mph) in just 5 seconds and sets the world record which is 4.8 times faster than that of free fall.

The Formula Rossa track is 2.2 kilometers in length and have theme of Italian track Autodromo Nazionale Monza

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The experience was short, but sweet. Ferrari World only has three roller coasters, so its a place that I would only visit one time because besides Formula Rossa and another roller coaster which has the highest loop in the world, there is not much for an adrenaline junkie.



The tickets run a bit higher than normal parks, averaging around $ 75-100 depending on the time of the year, but I will say that I don’t regret my experience for a minute!


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