Find your True Value: If you don’t Value Yourself, Nobody Will

A couple of months I read a story about a young man who was actively seeking advice from his mentor because he was sad and discouraged.  His father continued to tell him that he is not worth anything and that he does everything poorly. As a result, he was torn between self doubts and insecurities that haunted him each and every day.

He went to his mentor to explain his frustration and sadness and his mentor replied:

“I’m sorry, I can not help you with this. No one can decide your value fro you. This is something that you must look deep within and find for yourself.”

“However, since you’re here, I want you to go to the local market and sell my ring for minimum 100 coins.”

The young man agreed and set off to follow the instructions of his mentor.  After two hours he returned, even more depressed than before.
“Master, now I understand why my father does not believe in me. I can’t not do anything right. I was not even able to do the one thing you asked me to. I tried and tried, but I was only offered 20 coins for this ring. Please, forgive me..”

– “Wait!- said the master. I’ve thought of a better plan. I am going to give you an address of a jeweller in town. I want you to take this same ring to him and see how much he would be willing to buy it for, but do not sell it.”

He agreed again and in less than an hour, the young man returned and smiling from ear to ear.

“Master, it is incredible! He offered me 2,000 coins! However, I don’t understand. How is it that hours before in the market no one was even willing to pay 20 coins for this ring, yet this jeweller was more than happy to have bought the ring for 2,000 coins or even more?”

The mentor looked at the master straight in the eyes and said:

“Young man, the merchants were offered this precious ring, however they were unable to know and understand the real value and worth of this unique stone. Because of their inability to notice this, they did not know how to take the opportunity to buy it for 100 times less than its real value. However, the jeweller saw the stone and recognized its true value. For that reason, he would of been more than happy to pay the price or even more for the ring.”

For that reason, do not believe those who can not recognize and see what you are really worth.

Look inside your heart, trust yourself and find your true value, because that will be the value that you negotiate with in the market of life.

In life we encounter negative people who are unable to recognize the value that we are worth. These people might try to convince us that we are not capable of achieving our goals, that we amount to anything in life.

It’s important to realize that we do not have to surround ourselves with people that do not support us in our goals and dreams.

Each and everyone of us have to look inside and find our true value. With an unshakable self value and clear goals on what we want to achieve, we are capable of living the life we have always imagined with excellence and confidence.


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Do you let the opinions of others stand in your way?

Have you dug deep within your heart to truly find what you are worth?



Sarah - thenomadicdreamer.comFind your True Value: If you don’t Value Yourself, Nobody Will