Fly 10,000 Miles Across The World Under $10

Living in Europe for the last three years has given me the opportunity to explore some many places that I have always imagined visiting. One of my favorite parts of living in Europe is having the opportunity to just pick up and hop on any airplane and fly to a cool new place at least 1-2 times a month.

When people started following my journey and seeing all the traveling and flying I was doing I always got the same typical response:

– Are you rich or are you just in debt up to your eyeballs?! How in the world do you afford to travel so much?!

Traveling in Europe is not like traveling in the USA. I fly many 6 hour round trip flights and do it all just under 40 USD on most occasions.

Seems impossible, but thanks to airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet, I can fly to hundreds of locations within a very reasonable cost.

Since being back in the USA to visit, the reality of airlines prices has hit hard. Even with the gas prices lower than normal, the prices of airlines seem to stay high and our US budget airlines like “Allegiant” can’t stand a chance to what is offered in Europe.

So, if I told you that I know a way of getting over 10,000 miles across the globe on for less than $10 you would be dying to know right?

Impossible? No, it is possible…because I JUST did it.

If you have followed me for awhile, you know that I am debt free and do not believe in going in debt for my travels around the world.

I don’t use credit cards when I travel, I do not buy anything that I don’t have the money for and I work hard for every penny I make. If I don’t have the money saved I don’t travel, end of story.

With that being said, I did some research and decided to try a sky mile rewards card, but ONLY charging it for my international flight and ONLY buying the ticket if I could turn around and pay it off the next day.

Last year I made a round trip flight from Europe to the USA and I used the United Airlines Mileage Plus card for the first time.

[cml_media_alt id='6067']Eagle Creek:[/cml_media_alt]

Before my trip with my new Eagle Creek light weight bag

As a sign up bonus, you earn 30,000 points and you get all the following benefits:

After buying my last round trip ticket from Europe on this card, I received 2 miles for every 1 dollar spent on my ticket, leaving me with around 39,000 skymiles points.

When buying a ticket through United there are some days of the month that have special deals, which allows you to save when using your sky miles points.

When booking my one way flight to Europe this year I found one of these special days, which cost me 30,000 of my sky miles points and a 8 dollar fee. With my points and the small fee, I can fly all the way from Miami, Florida-Canada-Madrid.

What a deal!

Also, last year I learned another trick on saving money on flights. When you are flying and have no rush, pay special attention to “overbooking” on flights and run to the first opportunity to give your seat up to the person that might really need it, but is on the waiting list.

I flew out of Miami after my Caribbean cruise and I gave up my seat without even knowing the reward I would get.

When the plane pulled away, United Airlines bought my lunch, gave me a free flight, valid for one year, and put me on first class for my next flight. I couldn’t of been more excited!

When it was all said and done, I got 10,000 miles in the last 3 months and all under 10 dollars!

In my ventures around the world, I have learned many tricks along the way, but am always open to more tricks.

  • Do you have any tricks to share? 

  • Have you ever given up your seat for overbooking or used skymiles?

  • Share you experience below! 


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