Focus on Your Behaviors, NOT Your Goals!

When I moved to Spain I didn’t know a word of Spanish. In fact every time I tried to say anything, the people laughed at me. I wanted to be fluent in Spanish so that I would be able to work on a professional level in both languages, but I knew that in order to get to that point that I was going to have to work very hard and it was not going to be easy.

After five months of being in Spain, I saw that my Spanish continued to be terrible. I desperately wanted to be fluent, and I felt discouraged at the fact that all my English speaking friends around were speaking better and I couldn’t speak a full sentence or even understand what people said to me. 

At many different moments, the people would laugh and say,  “You have been in Spain for five months and you still cannot speak or understand better than that?!”

In that moment I truly thought that I was incapable of learning another foreign language like the other people around me. In that moment countless doubts a very important thought came to my head:

Stop focusing on your goal, which was to be fluent in Spanish, and focus on your daily behaviors.

I analyzed my life and asked myself a few questions:

  • How do I spend my time each and every day?
  • Am I doing the things that I know I need to do or are am I always procrastinating?
  • Am I studying each and every day, reading books, talking to natives, and practicing my Spanish?

When I started changing my focus away from my goal and towards my daily behaviors is when my life began to truly change and I started to reach fluency in Spanish.

 Changing my view on things, not only gave me a feeling of relief from the pressure of learning a foreign language, but resulted in me being more productive, motivated and the ability to start enjoying learning Spanish.

My focus was not in the future like it once was, but rather in the now, taking each step as it came.

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  • Are you focusing each day on your daily behaviors?
  • Are you doing the best you can with your time?
  • Are you taking steps each and every day towards your dreams?
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Sarah - thenomadicdreamer.comFocus on Your Behaviors, NOT Your Goals!