Hitchhiking: Safety First

Traveling alone, being a girl and hitchhiking through Europe is a combination that would send most parents into a complete panic attack. While safety is obviously the most important thing, if you decide like me to start hitchhiking alone, despite the risks, then there are many things you can do to be more safe on your hitchhiking adventure. 

Here is a list of some of the things I do to stay safe and things people have taught me along the way: 

  • Find a spot away from busy road where traffic is slow cars can pull over. Being in a bad spot is not just dangerous for you, but for the cars on the road. 
  • Before getting in the car, look close at their license plate. Write it down and text it to a friend. 
  • If going long distances, message someone when you get in the car, make a phone call during and as soon as you arrive safely at your destination. 
  • Always look directly in the eyes of the driver when they pull up and if you have doubts, don’t be afraid to say no

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  • Always carry at least one bag between your legs with important items (passport, small form of protection just in case, water, food)
  • Know your route and watch it closely during the trip. (google maps, directions before and road signs). 
  • Always have the option for internet on your phone. You never know what could happen, so you never want to be stranded with no source of communication. 
  • Always have someone “waiting” for you at your next destination. Something is more likely to happen to someone who is just a loner, rather than someone who has people waiting in the next city. 
  • Avoid night time if possible. Start as early as possible so you can arrive before dark. 
  • Avoid any personal conversations with your male driver. Change conversations or you might get yourself into an uncomfortable situation. 

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  • What do you do to stay safe while hitchhiking? 
  • Any helpful ideas that you can share with everyone below? 

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