Hitchhiking: Why I Gave It a Try

Hitchhiking.  For most people this simple word is associated with many negative words: danger, murder, risk and down-right stupidity.

 Who could blame them?

 The world tends to always follow the horrific stories that happen and choose to ignore the amazing things that can come out of hitchhiking.

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Why did I give it a try? 

I love adventure.  I love anything new that challenges me beyond the normal.  Truth of the matter is, travel (especially the transportation between countries) can be quite boring if you don’t know how to spice things up a bit.

Boring?  Yes, it may seem impossible, but it is true.

In my case, two years ago I would never have thought of hitchhiking across Europe, or in any part of the world for that matter.  

I, along with the majority of the world, had the same negative idea on the idea of hitchhiking: It is WAY to dangerous.

Truth is, yes, it CAN be very dangerous.  Just like couch surfing, participating in risky sports, traveling by means of boat, train, plane, car, bus or bike.  Everything – EVERYTHING – has its risks, but a lesson I keep being reminded of each and every day is:

Be smart, use your head, but DON’T HIDE AND AVOID RISK.

I cannot count how many amazing amazing hitchhiking experiences I have had.  I have had the opportunity to meet so many different types of people, attempt to learn and practice many new languages, shared in many great conversations and opened myself up to a whole new world of adventure.

Open yourself up for new experiences.

 Be smart, wise, and listen to the advice of others.  HOWEVER, don’t let negatives thoughts and ideas on a topic hinder you from spreading your wings, making your own decisions, and having your own adventures.

I will never forget all the people that constantly told me on my long trip to Berlin, Germany:  Sarah, NO HITCHHIKING!  Take a bus to Berlin, because it is TOO far and TOO dangerous to hitchhike.

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Well, I listened.  In fact, I did take a bus on my 9-hour trip to Berlin.  

However, this is not your typical bus. It was a VIP,  two-story bus with a kitchen, a loaded fridge full of food and drinks, two bathrooms, both big and small screen tvs, and plug ins.  The minute I entered the VIP bus, I was offered hot tea, coffee and lunch by two older Germans with a great sense of humor.

Want to know the price of this?  Zero

See what kind doors can open when you are WILLING to take a risk and put yourself out there?

 Yes, I know I look silly with my black and white dress and little sign in hand, however sometimes looking silly gets you a VIP tour bus.

Would you consider hitchhiking? What are your thoughts? Share below! 

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