Hotel: Brunelleschi, Florence

I had the opportunity to stay in Hotel Brunelleschi during my trip to Florence, Italy. This beautiful 4 star hotel is located in the heart of Florence (less than a 5 minute walk from the Signoria Square and cathedral) and is perfect if you are looking for a place to get the real feel and energy of the city. 

 This hotel is in a restored Byzantine tower and Medieval Church and it overlooks the Florence Cathedral.

We arrived at Hotel Brunelleschi by our rental car and although the streets are a bit narrow and the building was a bit hard to get to by car, we finally made it. Before we had time to get out of the car, the staff met us, took our bags inside, took the keys and parked the car for us without any hassle.


We checked into the hotel with the friendly multilingual language staff, were directed to our room to find and were delighted to find a plate full of different chocolates and candies to welcome us to the hotel. Everything was neatly organized and stocked with everything we might need for our stay. We had amazing views of everything that was happening in the street, giving us a unique feel for the energy of outside in our hotel room. 

Every morning from 7:00-10:30 am you can enjoy a wide variety of options with their continental breakfast buffet to start your day off. They had everything you could think of to choose from (sweets, meat, potato, eggs etc) and amazing, quick service in English. In my 4 day stay in the hotel, I believe that I tried just about everything at least one time for breakfast and everything I tried was amazing! 

All that you guys that know me, know that just because I am traveling, does not give me an excuse to not take care of myself and exercise. After a nice long run along the river, I had the option of working out in their nice fitness center. What a luxury for my body! 

While visiting Florence, we had the opportunity to eat in other restaurants, but also we could enjoy a nice meal in the hotel restaurant. The dining area was beautiful and an amazing selection of Italian food: not only the typical pasta, but meats and fresh fish. Mmmmm…..Salmon…my favorite food in the world!

And you can’t end a meal like that without indulging in some amazing desserts. 

I can understand why this hotel is a 4 star hotel. Everything was so clean and elegant and the service was quick and efficient. In our 4 days in this hotel, the only problem I had was one day with the internet connection being slow, but I called them and they resolved the problem within 1 hour. 

I highly recommend this hotel for your next stay in Florence, Italy. 

And for all you lovers out there, this the ideal romantic place to have your getaway. 

Hotel Brunelleschi

Via de’ Calzaiuoli – Piazza Santa Elisabetta 3 – 50122 Firenze

Tel. 055/2737487 – Fax 055/2737481



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