How Financial Freedom Has Changed my Life

Choosing to lose the debt and lose it fast was one of the best decisions I have made on a personal level. The debt free journey was one that required sacrifice, patience, hard work and an unshakable determination, but the pay off is worth the work.

Living years without any sort of debt or credit card has given me a new perspective on life and has opened up new incredible opportunities along the way.

Thinking about making the decision to get serious about reaching financial freedom?

Here are the top ways in which financial freedom has changed me the most. 

  1. Freedom/Independence
    “The rich rule over the world and borrower is slave to his lender.” When you are in debt to the bank, you are a slave to that bank. The sense of freedom and independence I felt as a result of being financially free changed my whole entire life.

    This freedom and independence allows me to live the life I desire, live in whatever country I want, travel the world and do all thing things in this world that my heart truly desires.

  2. Peace. Financial peace is like no other peace that I have felt in my life. I no longer feel like that slave that I once felt to the bank, and for that reason I live my life with a new sense of peace.
  3. Ability to say no
    Why do so many people get and stay in debt? BECAUSE THEY ARE TERRIBLE AT SAYING NO! As a result, they end up attending dinners, going on trips, or buying unnecessary things out of obligation, because they don’t understand the importance of that 2 letter word, NO.

    I became an expert at saying “no” during the time I was dumping the debt, and for that reason I dumped it FAST. I continue using this important word to this day and it saves me a lot of trouble and money.

  4. Patience
    Another reason that so many people get into debt is because they say “I want it and I want it NOW!” This kind of behavior is what rushes people into bad decisions and as a result they spend years paying for the consequences. Not only will you be more patient of a person in your spendings, but you will note it in other aspects of your life.
  5. Start saving for the important things.
    When you are financially free, you suddenly will have extra money (what you were once paying towards your debt) for saving for important things.
  6. Value experience over stuff
    As a I was paying off my debt, I became more aware than ever that, although the stuff around me was nice,  it was the experiences that truly mattered. After I got rid of all my unnecessary stuff, I became more of a person centered on valuing experiences with people, over material possessions.
  7. Better attention to details
     Given that I started my adult life making financially poor decisions, I have had to learn many important lessons the hard way. As a result of getting into debt, with high interest rates and getting in some scams along the way, I am now one that pays better attention to details and am not afraid to ask the hard questions when in doubt.
  8. More time to dedicate to family or things you love
    As soon as I paid off my debt, I had much more free time for spending time with my loved ones more, going out and meeting new people, focused on new hobbies and exercise. The process of dumping the debt is exhausting, but having free time to dedicate to the important things in life is worth the hard work.
  9. Smarter
    I not only pay more attention to details, but I am also smarter when it comes to managing my money. When I was working to pay off my debt, I saw how much time and hard work it took to get rid of all the debt.

    For that reason, I am more cautious when I buy things, I shop around and check the prices in various places before making a big payment and I ask advice from other people with more knowledge before a big decision.

    Before being debt free, I was not so careful in my decision and never asked for much advice. You live and learn.

  10. Larger vision
    Being debt free allows me to see past my monthly payments and focus in on my vision and goals for my life. With financial freedom, your options are endless! Start dreaming big for your life!
  11. You become an abnormal inspiration.
    Debt has become the normal thing in our society. Right? It seems like almost everyone you ask has debt up to their eye balls and they feel like a prisoner in their own life. If you go through the hard work to become debt free, you will be an inspirational and model for so many people that have no hope when it comes to the topic of money in their life.

    Your financial freedom journey may be EXACTLY what the next person you meet needs to hear.


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