How to Live As if There Were No Tomorrow

So many times in the chaos of life, we lose sight of what really matters. We easily get caught up into the repeating cycle of our hurried lives and we often lose focus of who and what is important.

When life seems to be going 100 miles an hour, it’s easy to forget to stop, be truly thankful for this life that we have, tell the people around us that we are thankful for them and to embrace this very moment that we are alive.

Recently, I had the misfortune opportunity to attend the funeral of the 29 year Backroad Anthem singer, Craig Strickland, who I had known personally from years back.

When I first heard the breaking news on CNN about his missing body after the Oklahoma floods, it didn’t make sense. He was doing so many amazing things in life, impacting the lives of others each and every day, his band was growing rapidly, he just married a beautiful woman that he was madly in love with, a family and fans that adored him and he was only 29 years old, with so many big plans for his future.

It’s easy to think that something tragic like that could not happen to you or your loved ones or that you are young and healthy and have all the time in the world ahead of you.

It’s easy to pass through life not valuing the ones around you, living this short time we have here on earth bitter, full of unforgiveness and putting off your big dreams off for “another day”.

In this midst of this tragedy, many eyes were open to this reality: We are NOT promised tomorrow. For that reason we must truly strive to live each and everyday to the fullest and enjoy this precious time we have here on earth.

“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am doing today?”

If you ask yourself that and the answer is “no” too many days in a row, you might want to take a look at your life a bit more and look for ways to add value to each day that you have.


Work to add value to your life and live it as if it were your last by:


1. Taking time each and everyday to tell the ones you love the most that you are grateful for them

2. Reprioritize your life so that you make time for the people and things that matter the most.

3. Determine your self value and refuse to let another day go by allowing someone else to decide that value for you.

4. Make a bucket list and start by doing some small, simple items and then work towards the bigger items.

5. Forgive that person that hurt you years ago. Life is too short to hold on to bitterness. You are ONLY hurting yourself.

6. Do the thing that you know you want to do, but it scares you to death. You might be surprised with the outcome.

7. Take time to stop and help someone when they are in need, even if that means having to adjust your normal schedule.

8. Give 110% to the people around you that matter and to your work and projects

9. Laugh, laugh and laugh even more.

10. Work to let the small stuff slide by. Life is too short to be affected by all the small, unnecessary drama of life. Rise above it.

11. Be the best version of YOU and work to stop comparing your life to everyone else’s. There is no one else in the world like you.


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  • If you knew that today was your last day on earth, what would you do differently?

  • Would you continue as you are now?


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