How to Stay Fit While on the Road

Have you noticed that when guys travel long term, they tend to lose the weight, while the girls seem to find it?

After asking hundreds of travelers while on the road about the topic of staying fit while traveling, most of the girls complain that they go home with at least five or more extra pounds.

For many people, traveling is about taking it easy, relaxing, and giving into your desires for desserts, alcohol and carbohydrates.

Isn’t that what vacation is about anyways?

While this is the case for many, there are many of us that travel as a living and try to form good habits, much like being back at home. Many believe that traveling is only about fun, but when you combine work and travel, you have to work each day to motivate yourself, form habits and keep yourself in check.

Many travelers tend to stay in constant action, especially if they only have a short time to travel. However, that constant action comes with a few things: new and exotic food, long hours in transportation between countries and constant change in environment that can lead to lost sleep and exhaustion. If one is not careful, all of that can lead to an increase in weight.

After traveling for years across the world,  I not only strive to make healthy decisions, but I have been able to form new habits that are even better than I had before traveling.

 Staying healthy on the road is not easy at first, but the more you practice to make traveling a lifestyle, the more it will become second nature to you.

Sure, you might not have the comfort of your nice gym close by, but there are many different exercises you can do on the road to stay healthy, without the use of a fitness center.


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                                                                                               Workout in the forest in Estonia 


Walking is obviously one of the most common forms of exercise while traveling. Without evening realizing I easily walk up to 20 kilometers in one day just visiting the city. I count my steps on my Iphone, which is a great way to keep track of my steps and give myself a little challenge.

Running is another great way, but this can be a bit difficult depending on the location in which you are traveling. I travel alone through many of the more dangerous places, where its not recommended to run alone very long and far. Running in a big city, during day time hours could be a good option.

YouTube Videos

In addition to walking/running, I actively use Youtube videos in my daily exercise routine. I like to put on a short video and do between 15-30 minutes on the floor of different styles of exercises. There are thousands of different kinds of videos, ranging from light to heavy. If you are in a place where there is no internet, you can download the videos in advance on your computer and easily do them.

Youtube videos have been key for me in order to stay in shape and feel my best self.

Self made workout 

If I am not doing a Youtube videos, a self created workout is my next favorite thing. I create 15-30 minute exercises that I can do in the park, at home or any place that am traveling.  I have done my “self workouts” on the floor of cruise ships, with numerous people stopping to stare, in parks, home, and in front of libraries.

There is no excuse to not make time to work while out on the road.

My self workouts consists of:

  • Lunges/squats
  • Pushups
  • Planks
  • Burpees
  • Wall sits
  • Crunches
  • Weights with milk jugs or things around the house


If you are traveling in the summer, search the internet for the local city pools or lakes. Swimming is a great full body workout that you can do quite easily while traveling in the summer, while getting a good tan.  However, if you are traveling in winter time, many hotels and gyms have indoor pools that you could visit with a day pass.

Gym Guest Passes

If you are traveling and only staying in cities for a few days, many gyms will allow you to enter on a guest pass. Many places will give you a complementary day free and if you are lucky, you might even find a place that will give you up to a week. This will give you access to all of the machines you are used to back home and help you to stay fit and toned while on the road.

Hotel gyms 

This is a given if you are staying in a hotel. In many nice hotels this amenity is included in the price, however some require you to pay a small additional fee. I have worked out in many hotels and this is a huge plus when I am choosing a hotel.


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