Importance of Details

Living with another person has its pros and cons. Throughout my life I have had many roommates, some which have been a perfect match with me, and some that produced countless challenges.  I have drastically changed the last five years years, especially in the topic of organization. When I first moved into my own apartment, I was a bit scatter brained.

I had little space for a whole lot of materialistic junk that I had collected over a span of my whole life.

In that time I had a very organized, tidy and pessimistic roommate that saw nothing but the negative in life.  We got along pretty good for the most part, but I was not as strict and uptight about things around the house like she was.

I can remember her getting angry over the littlest crumb on the ground by saying “Sarah look at this crumb you left on the ground. The whole house is a disaster!” All it would take is something as small as a crumb in a clean house that would set her off in to negative rant.

One night we had a big party at our house with all our close mutual friends.  The party lasted hours, until late in the night and when everyone left the house looked like a tornado had come through it. There is nothing more that bothered my roommate then a messy house, and the day after the party I could see in her eyes the frustration as we quickly rushed through the house before leaving for work.

Her angry face stuck with me the whole morning. As the morning passed I came up with an idea and decided that I wanted to give her a surprise. I decided to take a half day at work, go home and clean the house like she had never seen it before. The boss gave me the okay, and I went straight home, put on the music, pulled up my sleeves and began to clean like a crazy woman.

I cleaned and scrubbed for hours and hours and I finally had the house like it was brand-new. I put candles, air freshener’s and even baked her favorite cookies in the oven. I just knew that she was going to be excited!

I always like to give little surprises when I get the chance and I thought that after a long day at work, little sleep the night before and all day knowing that she had a dirty home to come home to, that she would be relieved and thankful.

When she arrived I was sitting on the sofa waiting for her. When she walked in I saw her eyes wander to the corner of the room and and I realized that I forgot to empty the small dust pan from when I was cleaning. When she walked in the house that was the very first thing that she noticed, and although the whole entire house was cleaner than it had ever been she began yelling saying “Ufff, why is the house always a disaster? It’s not so hard to put the dust pan in the trash!”

She went in her room and shut the door as hard as she could.

I stood there pretty shocked. I had just taken a vacation day to go home and spend hours cleaning so that everything would be perfect and all she could do was focus on the one detail of the house that was not spotless.

We have always heard that it’s the little details in life that are sometimes the most important and the finishing touches are key to leaving a good impression. 

There are some people that are so negative that they don’t value the hard work of other people and they always look for the negative and focus their attention on that instead of seeing the hard work of the other person

If we work to pay attention to the finishing details of our work and finish with excellence what we start,  no one can say anything bad about what we do, not even those that are so negative that they only focus on 1% bad, when 99% is absolutely perfect.

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