Importance of Integrity

One day a wealthy man met a poor man with a family that was unemployed for over two years. The wealthy man had pity for his situation after talking with him and offered him work. The wealthy man explained that he had been wanting to build another house, but he just could not find the right person for the job.

The poor man was creative and had built houses his whole life.  Just the thought of taking on this new project made him light up with happiness, because he with the amazing salary that he was being offered it would give him a better opportunity to provide for this family and even save thousands of dollars.

The wealthy made did not have many plans laid out. He gave him a budget of 1M for materials and told the man to use the best materials and build the house just like he would like it.

The poor man started planning everything and was so excited to be able to use his creativity to build exactly what he wanted for the man.  He spent hours planning and was determined to give the man his hardest effort with the best materials throughout the whole house.

However, after a couple weeks of planning and going into different stores the poor man started to get a few new ideas.

After some time working he realized that the wealthy man was so busy that he didn’t check in and see the progress of the construction. As he was shopping and comparing prices he realized that he would be able to buy cheaper material without the wealthy man knowing and pocket thousands of dollars and on top of that, the great salary that he was being offered.

This motivated the poor man each and every day that he went to buy materials from the construction store. He was ecstatic at the amount of money he was pocketing each day and even more excited that no one would ever find out about it.

Months went by and he finally finished what he started. He smiled as he stood in the front yard looking at the beautiful luxurious house that he had just built, knowing that the wealthy man was going to be so pleased with the results.

The time finally arrived for the wealthy man to see his new house. When he saw it for the first time he stood there in amazement “WOW, this is amazing!! I am so pleased with your work. This is absolutely perfect!”

The poor man handed the keys to the wealthy man and smiled.  “Well, my work here is done. Here are your keys.”

The wealthy man smiled and looked at him directly in the eyes and said “No, actually the keys are for you. Congratulations, you have just build the house of your dreams!”

The wealthy man went on the say “For that reason I constantly insisted that you build this house according to how you like it. I wanted to give you something more than a good salary. I wanted you to have the house of your dreams, a safe place where your kids could grow up. The truth is that I don’t need a house, I already have many.”

The poor man stood there at a loss for words. Thoughts and regrets came flooding in all at once. He thought, “Uff,  if I would’ve known that I was building this house for my family I would’ve done things completely different. I would of bought the best materials and paid attention to all of the details in the construction.

A few weeks later the man and his family moved into the house. Within just a couple weeks the first problem started. After a large rainstorm, the house ended up with leaks in many different parts.  One thing led to the next and before he knew it he was spending thousands and thousands of dollars to fix the repairs that were coming up daily.

After a month they started having even more serious problems with the roof. The cost got so high that he eventually ran out of all his savings just trying to fix the repairs from living there only one month.

At exactly two months his savings was gone and he realized that he could not afford to maintain the house costs and had to move out.  All of this could of been prevented if he could of just had integrity and done it right from the beginning, but in the end he was left worse than when he started.

It just comes to show you the importance of integrity in your personal and professional life. In whatever kind of work we do, we must do it to the best of our ability, as if we were building our own dream home.


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