Leave the Worry Behind and TAKE ACTION!

I’ve had a lot of worries and my days most which have never happened.  Mark Twain

There are numerous medical reports that say that stress is one of the top killers in the world today. Stress raises your blood pressure, suppresses your immune system, affects your sleep, digestive system and even produces pain in different parts of the body.

Everywhere you turn, people are worried about different aspects of life, some big and some quite laughable.

People tend to have  constant worries about: safety of their life, family, national security, money, debt, job security, health, state of mind, retirement, travel, afterlife, good grades in school and too much to do, with too little time.

Stress and worry are normal parts of the majority of people’s lives, especially in the Western World.

Many of the people I meet on a daily basis worry, stress and even lose sleep over things that COULD happen in the future in the next 10-15 years.

When I decided to quit my job in Spain and travel around the world, I was faced with many different feelings. During my time of transition, I would get on average 3-5 people per day that would write or call and try to instill fear in me about the dangers of traveling alone as a female, the risks that are out there in the world and the terrible idea that I had about moving abroad.

  • What if you get out there and someone kidnaps you, like in the movie Taken?
  • What if someone does harm to you and you have no where to turn?
  • What if someone robs you while you’re traveling?
  • What if you’re in a place where there is a terrorist attack?

After hearing this day in and day out,  I started to really reflect on these questions. I have an optimistic view on life, but of course, I am human.  In my quiet moments I wondered, “What if they are right? What if something really bad does happen? What if someone tries to hurt or rob me? What would I do if someone tries to kidnap me?

My dad is an amazing person, but he would not be able to go chase after me like Niam Neeson in the movie Taken , especially given the fact that he if he can barely turn on a computer!

These fears restlessly filled my mind until I finally said to myself,  “Enough with the doubts! Everything in life requires a risk and I’m willing to take it.”

Since that day, I picked up everything moved abroad and eventually started traveling the world completely alone. I took all of my fears and started facing them one by one and thanks to that, I have had experiences that have truly changed my life and made me a truly courageous person.

The really interesting thing is that I can go back to my list where I wrote the top “what if’s” and see that not a single one of those things have happened. I am still traveling the world, and while there is still obvious risk, I choose to focus on the good in the world. Through this adventurous experience I have learned that there are more people that are willing to help you than hurt you and most of the things we worry about actually never happen.

In all of my travels I have taken as many safety measures as I possibly can, but I have found peace knowing that I cannot control everything that will happen in life.

However, one thing is for certain: our life moves in the direction of our thoughts.

Today I chose to not live a life of worry and realize that the majority of worries we have in our mind will never actually happen, and if they do, they’re not usually as dramatic as we play them out to be in our mind.


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