Luxembourg: Don’t take yourself so seriously

I think its fair to say that so many of us are just too darn serious. There is no denying the fact that we must be serious in different situations, but its so common for many people to stay serious. “I must be serious focused, determined, goal driven and successful” I have heard from different people.

While all of those aspects are important and needed in order to succeed in life, it can be draining and exhausting to not only be that serious, always focused and no room for play person, but for the person in the presence of that person.

How frequently do you break away from the seriousness of life, lighten up, laugh a bit and do something fun?

I just got done spending the last 2 days in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. This is a small country with about 400,000 people in it and is one of the richest, if not the richest, country in the world.

Its obvious when you visit Luxembourg that there is a lot of money. Business is growing, buildings are being constructed and there is just a different feel in the atmosphere. Walking through the city, you cant help but notice all the luxury cars and men in suits and ties and women in business attire. Locals explained to me that many people in the area are very driven by success, money, status and appearance.

It all started with a box of dress up clothes with colorful wigs, to give my couch surfing host and I a brilliant idea.

“Lets go out tonight. However lets not just go out, lets go out with our wigs on” I said excitedly. My host smiled as he put his black wig on and without hesitation said “Ya, lets go like this!” I put on my bright pink wig and off we went to celebrate my last nightin Luxembourg.

Don’t take yourself so seriously.

I know that we looked insane as we walked along the street as the new Porches, BMWs, Ferraris and other beautiful cars passed us staring in a state of confusion. I know that people were wondering what we were thinking as we approached the center, passing all the well dressed and serious business men and women.

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I am not suggesting that you go put on a wig and look ridiculous in order to not take yourself so seriously. However, I am suggesting that we breakout of the normal, serious patterns of life from time to time. Whether its watching a humorous movie or you tube clip, or reading up on a funny joke online and laughing at yourself as you try to retell it to a close friend, all of these things will help just give yourself a little mental break.

How do you break out of your serious patterns of life? Do you think your too serious of a person? Share your comments below?

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