Meant to Thrive, NOT Survive

You’re not simply meant to survive, you were meant to thrive.

As I travel around the world as a motivational speaker, I always hear the typical line, “Sarah, you’re so lucky to be traveling around the world and having these cool experiences. Things just come easy for you. I can’t even imagine what your life must be like.”

It’s easy to look at certain people, like CEOs of big companies, world travelers, actors, authors, or whatever job it may be and think that his or her life must’ve been simple and they are just lucky to be where they are in life now.

What so many people fail to see is the inspiring story that got most of these people to where they are now.

In my own personal life growing up I didn’t have a lot of self confidence. I come from a family with a long line of alcoholism on both sides, divorce and poverty mentalities. My father, whom I have a close relationship with, has been an alcoholic my whole life, past user and seller of heavy drugs and spent my childhood years in and out of prison due to drugs and a big meth lab drug bust.


My mom struggled through that time with a broken heart, an empty bank account and two little children to feed. As broken as she was, she enrolled herself into the university and within a couple years graduated with her teaching degree with honors in order to give us a better life that what she had seen.

The truth is, I have heard the statistics my whole life,

People that come from a long line of drug and alcohol abuse are more than 50% more likely to become that way one day in their life.

That does not look so promising for someone like my brother and I who have a long line of addictions in our family, and our own dad has always been on an uphill battle with the fight against drug abuse.

However, regardless of the statistics I knew in my teenage years that I wanted to create a different life for myself and that I had a choice.

I could choose if I would continue on with the long line of drug abuse, poverty mentality, and broken dreams, or I could go out and create the life I have always imagined.

I learned that we are NOT meant to survive here on earth, we are meant to thrive in every aspect of our life, but the choice is up to us.

We all have our struggles, and sometimes life doesn’t seem like it’s fair, I understand. But this is our one life here on earth and we must make a choice:

Are we going to be bound by the unhealthy ties of our family patterns (drug abuse, divorce, poverty mentality, selfishness, living paycheck to paycheck, low self esteem, fear, food addictions, laziness etc) or are we going to to dream big for our life, take risks and thrive? 


The choice is yours.

What will you choose?



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