My Journey Towards Minimalism & Freedom

Excess is everywhere we look. From our material possessions, school and personal debt to even our weight. Simplicity for most people seems too boring and empty, so to compensate, people tend to add, add and add even more, resulting in more excess. The tendency to have more than has become the the norm in our society today.
It’s been said, “the more the merrier” and some people don’t have any hesitation to live that to a tee.

The year before moving to Spain, I was in over my head with clutter. Clothes, shoes, school books and bags loaded down my closet shelves to the point where I was afraid to open the closet door. On top of that, I was in over my head with student loan debt,  with a interest rate that was eating me alive. Seeing life outside of my debt seemed like an impossible task.

All of this clutter and excess around me not only cluttered my living and work space, but it cluttered my mind.

When I decided to move to Spain in 2013, I was faced with the hard reality that I was going to have to make a change that I would not be able to take all of my stuff with me. As hard as it was, I packed all three of my big bags to the maximum weight restrictions and made my leap of faith.

After 6 months of living in Spain, I still continued to collect more and more stuff, filling new luggage after another, until I literally had a breaking point.  I felt unorganized, cluttered and was desperate for a solution and in that time I was first introduced to the idea of minimalism.

I sat in my bedroom in Spain, surrounded with all of my materialistic items and completely broken on what to do. The idea of minimalism sounded freeing, but I had such a strong attachment to it all.

From that day I surrendered and decided that I was going to work hard and take one small step towards minimalism. I knew that I would not be able to become an expert over night, but I could read more on the topic and get rid of something unnecessary each day to begin with.

Little by little I began to read about minimalism and the more I read, the more I started to fall in love with the concept.  I went from kicking and screaming over getting rid of something that I thought that I “needed,” to becoming empowered each and every time I donated an item.

As I write this I have truly come along ways in my path towards being a minimalist. I de-cluttered my personal space, paid off all my debt and even managed to travel long term with just a small carry on. The freedom I have experienced through this change has transformed every aspect of my life and has opened the doors to many exciting adventures.

Working towards minimalism is not something that happens over night, but rather something that you can strive to incorporate in your daily life with small steps. It may be hard at first, but I promise you the pay off is worth it.


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