My Top 7 Tricks to Beat Jet Lag

If you have traveled long distances, I am sure you might know something about jet lag. Although it may be difficult for most people to truly beat jet lag, there are some actions you can take to reduce the jet lag you feel when traveling.

After having traveled this week 20 hours by plane, half way across the world and from freezing temperatures in Europe to sunny Florida, I still have yet to suffer from jet lag.

Here are my top 7 tricks to beat jet lag: 

1. Drink lots of water. 

The cabin air pressure is dehydrating and by not drinking enough water you may suffer from a headache and dry skin. If you are an alcohol lover, remember that while it may seem tempting to have a few drinks on your long international flight, alcohol will dehydrate you. If you decide to drink alcohol, drink even more water.

2. Get rest before your flight and during your flight.

Ways that always help me is by packing my essentials: ear plugs, sleeping mask, blanket, pillow for my long flights. If I am unable to sleep, I try to relax by just watching a movie or listening to music.

3. Sleep Aids.

If you are one that is unable to sleep on an airplane, you may benefit from a sleeping aid. Melatonin is a natural hormone that helps regulate the body’s sleep/wake cycle and is sold in any pharmacy as a supplement. Experts recommend you to take melatonin after dark on the day that you travel and a few days after your trip.

If you need something stronger, you can contact your doctor and get a prescription for medications such as Sonata or Ambien.

If you choose this option, DO NOT try this for the first time on the airplane, because your body might not react how you want it to.

4. Lavender Oil. This is proven sleep enhancer. It’s known to act as a mild sedative, promoting deep sleep and leaving you feeling more refreshed. You can buy this in oil form or in a spay and just simply spray it where you lay your head on your pillow.

5. On your arrival day, attempt to stay up until bedtime and avoid naps. This will help you get used to your new schedule and increase the likelihood of sleeping all night on your first night in your new destination.

6. Force yourself to get up early the day after your arrival. Getting up early, rather than sleeping until noon on the day after you arrive can help you in getting used to the change.

7. Exercise. I can’t stress enough the importance of exercise. This alone has been my number one reason I have not suffered from jet lag. I always exercise the day after arriving, whether I feel like it or not.


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