No One Can Rob My Happiness

There is nothing more draining than being with a debbie downer, especially when traveling. One of my favorite aspects of traveling alone, is the opportunity to have my free time, meet new people, and not have to worry constantly about whether the person next to me is happy or not.

I love the freedom of going at my own rhythm, doing random sporadic activities, and having the chance tap into my adventurous spirit.

I can recall specific memories of traveling in a group. It’s hard to get everyone on the same page, especially with so many different opinions on what to do and places to see. You can be in a group with five happy people, but all it takes is one bad seed in the group to cause everyone to have a bad time. Or at least that’s what I thought.

I can remember traveling in a small group for three days when I was in Eastern Europe.  We were so excited about the opportunity to be in Romania and see all the cool sites that I have always heard about. We made a small road trip and there was nothing more free than traveling to a new country, windows down, music up and good company. Life was great! However, we we stopped to eat, there was a girl in the group that was not in agreement with our plans and because of that she became angry.

The happy environment that we had seconds before completely changed as her attitude and bad energy filled the air.

We spent hours in the car in silence and upset just because one person was not in agreement with the rest of the group. After hours like this, I asked myself, “Wait a minute. We are here on vacation to have fun and see new places. How in the world is it possible that we are all suffering and having a bad time just because one person in the group had a has a bad attitude.”

At times in our lives we will be surrounded by people that become upset,  irritated over the littlest things and send out bad energy, like this girl in our group.

However, I learned a very important lesson (a bit too late in this situation), and that is that we don’t have to become upset ourselves because the person next to us decides to become angry and have a bad attitude.

We can be happy and enjoy our current situation, despite how the person next to us is acting.

We have to work to not let other people affect us so much that their poor attitude spills over into our life and causes us to have a bad time as well. If we continue on with a positive attitude, we become contagious and that positive energy will spill into the ones around you.

If everyone is cheerful and positive, it’s very possible that the negative person with become infected by the positivity and realize quickly how much time they are wasting with a poor attitude.

Happiness IS contagious.

In this day I learned, no matter what happens, I will choose to have a good time, enjoy and not let anyone steal my peace and happiness.


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