Now Is The Moment: My Move to Spain

Before moving to Spain I had the “normal” kind of life.

I woke up in the morning, ate the same breakfast, put on my uniform and went to work for my 8- 17 hour shift as a nurse. I left exhausted, went to gym, dinner, and bed, only to repeat it again the next day.

The routine started to make me feel tired, especially in those long winter months. I remember in January working just like any other normal day. I finished my morning routine and went to the break room, turned on my phone and came across an article that my friend had read and shared:

“Why you should travel young?”

The idea of an adventurous life that I had always wanted was not in my reach at the moment, especially given my student and personal loans were growing at a rapid rate with over 11% interest rate.

However, as I was reading this article, I started to imagine a life traveling to the places I had always imagined, meeting different people and experiencing other cultures. Something on the inside of me changed and I realized without a doubt that I needed to do whatever it took to make that dream become a reality.  In that moment I made a decision:

“I don’t care what it takes, I am going to work as hard as humanly possible and leave the country by summer time.” 

I asked myself these three questions:

1. Why do I really want to live abroad?
2. What do I hope to gain from this experience?
3. What could be beneficial to my future?

When I asked myself these three questions it was clear what I wanted to do: I wanted to be fluent in Spanish so that I would be able to speak the same positive message in both languages.

With this burning desire, I listened to my heart without overthinking the situation too much. I quickly found a job as an Au pair over the computer and that summer I flew to Zaragoza, Spain to start.

You have to know that in the path to following your dreams, you will always have people that will try to put doubts in your heart.

The top 10 most frequent questions I got from others:

1. “What if your online job is fake and it’s a trap into the sex trade?”
2. “What if you get taken like in the movie “Taken” ?
3. “How are you going to afford living abroad like that?”
4. “What if the job is not real and you find it out when you arrive?”
5. “What if you hate the experience?”
6. “How can you possibly go not knowing a word of Spanish?”
7. “What if you get malaria or some disease?”
8. “What are you going to do all alone with no friends or family?”
9. “Are you bringing a gun with you?”–HA
10. “What if this move turns out to be a failure and a total disaster?”

Would I be lying to say that these thoughts did not cross my mind at one point or another, especially when I heard them all the time? Yes.

However, those were not my biggest fears.

My biggest fear was staying in my comfortable nest and not courageously going and doing what I have always dreamed of doing.

When it came time to take action, I chose courage in the place of fear. I focused my eyes ahead and boarded the plane and have never looked back.

Every time we are faced with an important decision, it’s normal to have doubts. We must take that time and look at the opportunity presented before us and decide if it’s something really worth doing.

If you decide it is, then dare to step and in the world of the unknown and give it a try.

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