NOW Is The Moment: Why I Moved to Spain

My life was very routine and predictable before moving abroad to Spain in 2013.

I woke up each morning at the same time, hit the snooze button, and slowly and dreadfully rolled out of bed. The exhaustion set in from the lack of sleep from the night before, but I somehow seemed to muster up enough energy to get up, put on my light grey uniform, make a bowl of oatmeal to go, and hit the road to work.

On a typical day, I worked around 8-17 hours as a nurse, with only a short time in between to devour a plate of food, before starting the chaos once again. I felt like a slave to the clock, always with an unrealistic amount of patients to help, in such a short window of time.

It seemed like no matter how fast I went, I could never get ahead.

People constantly depended upon me, and as much as I loved what I did, it was absolutely draining. A typical 17-hour double shift just seemed to pass in a blink of an eye. I would leave work, muster up enough energy to go to the gym for an hour, quickly drive home, and before I knew it was flat on my face in the bed, fully dressed and passed out until the next morning.

Working in a profession where you serve the public is a very rewarding and gratifying experience. The clear understanding of the impact I was having in the lives of others is the fuel that energized my body on the days that I literally was running on fumes.

Even though I felt a sense of satisfaction for the work that I was doing, I still had my limits.

I had reached mine.

In moments of despair, I would find myself desperately seeking an answer or some sort of sign. I was not miserable with my life, but I just had this never-ending lingering question in mind heart that said,

“Isn´t there more too life than this?”

Every time I asked myself this same question, I could feel in the pit of my soul some quiet, calming presence that always had a way of putting me back in perspective and giving me the strength I needed to refocus my mind and get going again. Some people call that calming presence God, being, knowing, or holy spirit, but the more I sat with that peace, it did not matter what I called it, as long as I was calling out and being still with that peaceful presence.

I sat with that peace many times during my profession as a nurse. Many times the only thing that got me through a long stressful day was just escaping for a five-minute break to just be still and regain perspective.

On one particular day, I did just that. I finished my duties, went into a small closet to take a break, and quickly looked at my phone to check a few notifications. As I did, I saw a promoted article come up on my Facebook newsfeed, which was titled,

“Why you should travel while you’re young?”

This was unlike any kind of content that has ever popped up on my newsfeed. I clicked on the article and quickly became engulfed in this beautifully written, detailed article of all the reasons why one should be daring enough to travel and explore the world while they are young. I could feel my heart beat faster with every word that I read and by the end, I felt a pull inside my heart that literally gave me a physical, tangible sensation throughout my whole body.

I had always dreamed of the idea of living an adventurous life, but I had never thought that I would actually be able to create something like that for myself. I had never had the resources to travel abroad, nor parents that had the money or desire to do so. Besides, since the moment I moved out of my house at 16 I was literally drowning in student and personal loans, which were growing with interest at a rapid rate.

As I was reading this article, I started to imagine a life traveling to unknown places, exploring different cultures, and having a life of true adventures, much like you see on these adventurous discovery channel shows. Thinking upon these ideas seemed to ignite a wildfire within my soul and from that very instant I knew that I would NEVER be the same

I was so empowered by this wild transformation that was happening within my heart, that I made an instant promise to myself,

“I don’t care what I have to do or sacrifice in order to make it happen, but I am going to leave my job and my country and explore some part of the world on a one-way ticket by the end of this year.”

Most people do not make a serious commitment so quickly just by being moved by a powerful travel article, but I did.

“Set your mind on a definite goal and observe how quickly the world stands aside to let you pass” – Napoleon Hill

I had absolutely no idea where I was going to move or how I was going to get there. I did not have a passport, nor had I traveled a day of my life outside of the USA.

What I did have was a burning desire to live out this dream that had been created in my imagination, backed by an unshakable determination to make this dream become a reality.

Behind every great idea needs an actionable plan. After my long shifts working and in every minute of the day that I could squeeze in a moment of free time, I would escape into my imagination and image all the possibilities that were out there. I spent hours and hours searching online for opportunities, ways to obtain visas, and all that was required for moving to different parts of the world.

I sat with that calmness within my heart and trusted that somehow an opportunity would cross my path, and sure enough, it did.

Every single detail just seemed to fall into place from the moment I made a definite decision to leave everything behind and take a risk, to the moment I actually was on in the seat of the airplane with a one-way ticket in my hand.

Don’t think for even one second that I was fearless in this process. I am just a small-town girl from a town of 10,000 people in the south of the United States that literally had no worldly experience. In fact, I was absolutely terrified, but my curiosity was much stronger than my illusional fear. Everyone around me tried to talk me out of following my dreams and told me that I was absolutely ridiculous for leaving the incredible life that I had in order to follow some unplanned dream.

I could remember many sleepless nights laying there thinking, “What if all these people are right?

What if something happens to me?
– What if I get over there and absolutely hate it?
– What if I fail?
-What if I can’t learn Spanish?
– What if get in the hands of dangerous people?
– What will I do if I can’t find any friends or support while gone?

I was leaving everything: my family, dog, friends, profession, all of my materialistic possessions, and all of the comforts I have ever lived with to chase a dream, one that I was discovering the meaning of each day. I risked it all and move over 5,000 miles across the globe to Spain on a one-way ticket, to a city that I had never ever heard of, in a country that I didn’t know a word of the language, and one in which I had ZERO support.

Truthfully though, my biggest fear was not the ones that most people filled my heads with their own fears and insecurities. 

My biggest fear was what would happen if I actually allowed those thoughts to dominate my life and detain me in a state of paralyzed fear, to where I comfortably stayed where I was,  slowly watching the firey dream in my soul extinguish.

When it was decision time, there was absolutely no doubt. I chose courage over fear and NEVER ever looked back.

Main Take Away Points

It’s normal to have doubts and fears when we are faced with important, risky life decisions. We must give time and thought to our ideas and plans, being very careful with whom we share this information.

Sometimes we have big dreams and goals on the inside that do not make sense to the ones around us, not even to our closest loved ones. At the end of the day, it is YOUR life and you must do what you believe you should do, not based on what others think is right for you, which is why you must be selective in who you let give you insight into your inner dreams.

Every single thing in this world that is worth obtaining requires a risk. If you are always trying to play it safe then you will never reach your full potential and dreams. This is absolutely applicable for any dream that you have out there, whether it be similar to mine, or whether you are trying to create a business, family, or create your own organization or product.

EVERYTHING requires risk. Step into your power today and ignite the flame within your heart and watch your dreams come to pass.

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