The Monitor of Life: The Good and Bad Moments

Life is a series of many ups and downs. We never know what life is going to throw at us, and how we are going to react until that moment arrives.

Have you ever seen the heart monitor of someone in a hospital?

The heart pattern is always going up and down. We want this to keep happening, because we know that the moment it goes to a dull straight line, the patient is dead

When I think of this analogy I think about our life. Our life is a series of ups and downs.

While the downs sometimes are painful, we must go through them to make us stronger.

Life gives us both experiences: good and bad. That is what life’s all about. We must take risks, do the things that we are curious about, and not be so afraid of failure that we avoid trying.

Just like the heart monitor in the hospital, our life monitor must continue moving.

The moment we stop challenging ourself, live in constant fear, and avoid all possibilities that might result in a down, is the moment we die; just like someone whose heart stops


  • Are you living in fear, avoiding all the possible downs in life?
  • Are you avoiding taking the risk to do the thing you have always wanted to do? Is your life monitor active?


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Sarah - thenomadicdreamer.comThe Monitor of Life: The Good and Bad Moments