Photos to Inspire you to Travel to The Pyrenees Mountains


A long life dream of mine has always been to live near the mountains. Growing up in Arkansas in the United States, we had amazing lakes, and hills, but getting to the mountains required a long road trip.

When I first moved to Spain in 2013, one of the main perks of living in the northern part of Spain was the opportunity to finally live near the mountains and be able to go snowboarding or hiking through the mountains whenever I wanted.

Between Spain and France lies a Mountain chain called the Pyrenees, which is one of the seven great mountain ranges of France. They stretch out over 450 km between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Throughout the mountains there are many charming towns and neat places to explore, such as castles, ancient cathedrals, caves, and un touched hiking trails. This is a true paradise for all outdoor and nature lovers.

Check out some of my pictures from this beautiful place:


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Sarah - thenomadicdreamer.comPhotos to Inspire you to Travel to The Pyrenees Mountains