Pick Yourself Up and Continue

When I was in junior high school I ran the 100m , 200m and 400m for the Bomber track team.  Overall, our team did excellent in our track meets and we always won some kind of award. Every month we had different meets, some in our city and other in different parts of Arkansas. The track meets that we had in our city were very important to me because this was the time that all my family, friends and teachers could watch me run.

I have always been competitive and worked as hard as I could to do the best in every aspect of my life, whether it be sports or school.

One day, we had an important home track meet and I had to run three different races. My speciality was the 100 meter relay, followed by 200,  and then 400.

After stretching and warming up, it finally came time to run the 200 meter dash. We all lined up to get positioned to start our run and, like always, my heart beated uncontrollably as I waited for the gun shot to go off to start the face. After what seemed to be forever, the shot went off and each one of us took off like lightning.

My confidence grew as I took off and lead by a longshot.

I arrived at the 100 meter and everyone around was yelling and cheering, encouraging me to finish strong until the end.  All of the sudden my focus changed as I took my eyes off of the finish line and to the side to see where the other runners were compared to me. In that split second I stumbled and fell on the track, making a small summer salt in front of hundreds of people.

Full of shock and embarrassment I jumped back up, with bloody knees and elbows, and finished the race as fast as I could. Even after falling, I still managed to get up and still beat one person. As I think back on the story, I think about our life. Many times we fall, like I did that day on the track and for that reason it’s difficult to get back up and start again due to the pain.

When I got back up after my fall, I ran with a limp and pain, but the most important part was the fact that despite the pain and embarrassment, I got up and finished what I had started.

Many times when we are working towards our goals many things come up to the right into the left the take our eyes off of our goal. Maybe their doubts, fears, or whatever it may be in maybe this causes us to fall down in our tracks. However, the problem is that when a distraction comes up and it causes us to fall down, so many people stay down.

In our life it does not matter how many times you fall down, the important part is how many times you get back up after you fall down. 


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