Health and Lifestyle

Sarah has had quite the bumpy road on the way to a healthy self image and self esteem. From an early age she struggled with not feeling good enough and always having too high of expectations with herself, which left her with a feeling of disappointment.

Sarah can relate personally to the struggles of low self esteem, eating disorders, anxiety and the struggle to stay consistent in any fitness or health goal. Over the years she has made drastic change in her life lifestyle, regained physical fitness, lost over 30 pounds and feels better than ever.

Sarah is passionate about this topic and speaks to thousands of people of all different ages on a variety of topics:

  • Managing a Healthy Weight and Self Image
  • Organic and Sustainable Living
  • Consistency and Motivation in Personal Goals
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Diet & Nutrition Choices
  • General Health Education & Awareness
  • Moderation Lifestyle
  • Exercise & Fitness
  • Creating Lasting Habits
  • Eating Disorders
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