Sustainable Tourism

Sarah believes in the importance in making a sustainable impact as she travels alone across the globe.

“There are so many different things that we can do to be more sustainable travelers and people as a whole. The first step comes with awareness..”

Sustainable tourism is not simply the idea of keeping a go green mentality and taking care of the precious Earth that we live on. Cultural awareness, respect and sensitivity are a huge

aspects of sustainable tourism. Its our job as travelers to not only take care of our Earth, but to develop these traits when it comes to visiting new places and meeting new people.

Sarah has now traveled to over 70 countries across the globe and has worked with countless organizations, companies and tourism boards that keep sustainability at the core.

1. What exactly is sustainable tourism?
2. How can we be sustainable in our everyday life and travel?
3. Sustainable Tourism in action in places around the world.
4. Sustainability made fun and simple.
5. Future goals towards sustainability.

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