Sustainable Tourism

Sarah believes in the importance in making a sustainable impact as she travels alone across the globe. “There are so many different things that we can do to be more sustainable travelers and people as a whole. The first step comes with awareness..” Sustainable tourism is not simply the idea of keeping a go green

Goal Planning and Organization

Ever since Sarah was a teenager, she has had a bucket list with all the things that she wanted to see in do in her life. Goal planning is something that comes second nature to her and she is passionate about sharing her tricks and tips to help you plan and organize your goals in


Sarah has traveled alone to almost 100 countries around the world and has gained knowledge and skills that she actively shares all around the world. She shares her personal experience going from a well paid nurse in the USA to a motivational speaker and coach that is able to make a living on the road.


“Be the change you wish to see in the world” Gandhi In the dynamic world we live in today having strong, empowered and motivated leaders is a more important than ever. Sarah has worked with intercultural with people across the globe and has helped people to recognize and take ownership of their leadership qualities and


Sarah has a bachelors degree from the University of Arkansas in Speech and Communication and has experience speaking in various countries to thousands of people in both English and Spanish. She has years of experience living, working, traveling and communicating between different cultures and can offer knowledge and practical steps to improve your communication, no

Health and Lifestyle

Sarah has had quite the bumpy road on the way to a healthy self image and self esteem. From an early age she struggled with not feeling good enough and always having too high of expectations with herself, which left her with a feeling of disappointment. Sarah can relate personally to the struggles of low

Blogging and Marketing

Sarah started with Nomadic Dreamer in 2015 with the desire to inspire other people to achieve their ​trust dreams and passions. Starting from zero, Sarah worked hard day in and day out to learn the tools of growing a successful website and social media platform. ​ Sarah has given talks in different countries on the topic

Teenage Talk

Sarah grew in a broken family and a father was sent long term to prison when she was just 7 years old. This brought about many obstacles through her younger life and teenage years that she shares in her speeches. Sarah has had the chance to mentor and coach many students and help them to

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