Solo Female Travel Myths EXPOSED: Part 2

Travel can be one of the most enriching and life changing experiences that one can have. Leaving your comfort zone and stepping foot into the unknown can stretch your mind in ways that you never knew possible and can drastically change the way you see the world and the people that live in it.

However, traveling the world, whether it’s short or long term, may seem like an unattainable goal for many. This could be for many factors, but one of the main reasons I have found throughout the globe is due to people’s mindset towards the idea of travel and what exactly the experiences entails.

From my experience across almost 100 countries around the world, I have written the top travel myths that I have heard in order to expose the truth from my own personal experience. If you have not read part of of this article, make sure to start there.

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6. You need to have a lot of money to travel the world.

I can’t tell you how many times this question comes up on a regular basis. People stop me and say, “Sarah, you must be so rich to be traveling the world.” In all of my conferences, interviews and work I do in the media, this is the main topic of choice.

Traveling can be very expensive, depending on where you are going and your style of travel. Of course, if you love luxury, then your bill will be high. However, if you are looking for a very exciting adventure, you can do it on a low price tag.

Just to throw out an example: When I started traveling, I traveled to over 25 countries using less than US$1000.

Sound impossible? Well it’s not.

I also traveled from the United States to Canada and then Canada to Europe of a flight that cost me less than $10! Shortly after, I flew round trip to Asia without spending a dime. There are traveling hacks and ways in which you can travel cheap if you really want it bad enough.

7. Traveling outside the big capitals to more remote areas is too risky

Let’s face it, big cities, especially capital cities, can be a bit repetitive and boring after a period of time. Many of my most exciting adventures have been off the normal path, to more remote and unique areas, that many tourists do not always reach. While there is a bit more risk for solo travelers going off the normal path, if you go prepared and with common sense you should be okay.

Some of the obvious things include: not finding yourself in a place where you’re in a remote area in the evening or night time walking around, letting someone know at all times exactly where you are, checking in with someone when you arrive and doing your homework on the location you plan to visit.

Planning for the unexpected is always important and having a back up plan in case something goes wrong is always recommended.

8. It’s boring to travel alone

We live in a society where we like to be entertained at all hours by someone or something. With this being the case, many fear that the solo traveling experience will be boring, especially if you don’t have someone always there with you to share the experience.

Although you may not have a close friend by your side to share every moment with, you can always find another traveler or stranger along the way to experience the adventure with.

Couch Surfing Friends Cape Town, South Africa

Being bored is a state of mind and it’s something that you quickly change with just a small adjustment in your attitude and perspective. Traveling alone has been one of the most exciting and fun adventures that I have ever been on in my life. Even if someone paid me and their own part, I would not be interested in having the same person with me during my whole journey across the world.

9. You are running away and hiding from life’s reality

When people hear that you’re going on a long trip, the first thing that many people think is, “What are you trying to hide from in your own life?”  While it may be true that many travel to escape something,  this is not true for everyone.

Life is full of countless experiences and adventures and part of the fun is finding the courage to leave and discover the world’s hidden mysteries.  Since I was a child, I have always had a curiosity for the world. This solo adventure has been a personal goal that I’ve had for myself for years. This does not mean that I am hiding from something, rather, pursuing a goal and living the life that I have always imagined.

Many may decide to travel and hide from something in their own life, and if that’s the case, then it’s not our room to judge that person. Every single person‘s journey is their own and it’s not to be judged, even for the one that’s traveling to run away from something. There is so much to be discovered in the world and if you travel with an open mind and heart, no matter what your priority is for leaving, you will not return home the same person.

10. It’s drastically more expensive without someone to share the costs with

This is completely false.

Actually, I have found that the times that I did meet with other travelers to travel to different places, I ended up spending more money than I would alone. Every person has different priorities and enjoy eating different food, staying at different ranges of lodging and visiting different tourist attractions. When you have to constantly adapt to what other people want, you may end up spending more than you usually would if you were on your own.

Couch Surfing Friends, Vienna, Austria

The cost will be more expensive if you are a solo travel and staying in hotels. You will spend less by having someone to split the hotel bill with, but if you are willing to travel by staying in a hostal, you only pay for one bed. It all depends on what your priorities are and how you decide to travel.

11. You need to know foreign languages first before traveling

Every country has their own language, although many share a common one, so waiting to travel until you learn a new language is a nonsense. If you know English, you will be able to communicate with at least someone in most places around the world (although I have had to walk aimlessly for hours at times in more remote areas to find people that speak English).

I have met people that are traveling the world that do not even know English. While that is a very difficult thing to do, it’s not impossible. Of course, the more languages you know, the better, But not knowing many languages should not stop you from traveling

12. Wearing a fake wedding ring is always the safest

You can wear a fake wedding ring all day long, but if a man is interested, he is interested, despite what you have on your hand. I tried the ring technique, but I have found that the best way to get a guy away is just by not playing games and telling him directly that you are not interested. If he continues to bother you, you can find someone around to help you.

Put your shoulders back, respect yourself, and stand up strong to someone that you are not interested in without fear and mind games.



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