Take the Risk: Life a Life of Courage

The only regret you will have are the risks that you did not take. 

As I travel around the world, I always encourage people to sit down and make a bucket list of all the things that they would like to achieve in their life. I watch people as they eagerly make this list, come up with ideas, and truly imagine the life that they have always imagined.

It’s an amazing experience to hear and see others dreams and ambitions in the different countries that I travel to.  However, it’s a sad truth that many have strong desires, but they never make any of these dreams become a reality.

Everyone has reasons, however I have found that fear was the number one thing standing in the way. Every single thing that we do in life is going to require some sort of risk.

The unknown can be a very uncomfortable place to be, but you must walk through it to get to where your dreams are.

Whether it’s starting your own company, starting a new degree in the university, moving to another state or foreign country, entering in a new relationship, starting a new job or taking a trip, everything has risk to it.

In 2015, I started a famous pilgrimage across Spain called the Camino de Santiago where I walk close to 650 miles across the country over a 31 day period. This was a huge risk for me, because nothing was certain. I was in the worst shape of my life, over 30 pounds heavier than what I am currently and I was the last thing from a hiker.

I had no idea if I was going to physically be able to walk the whole distance, or if I could take hours of silence as I walked.

I started the Camino completely alone with no idea of what was to come.

However, in the quietness of my heart, behind all of my doubts, a sense of peace overwhelmed me. That sense of peace is what led me to take a risk and start the Camino. This 31 day pilgrimage was hands-down the most life-changing experience that I have ever had, but I would of never had this adventure if I would not have been willing to just take the risk.


  • Are you going to focus all of your time and energy on that risk?

  • Are you going to take that leap of faith into the unknown?

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Sarah - thenomadicdreamer.comTake the Risk: Life a Life of Courage