The Battle Towards Success

In the path to success, it’s not promised that everything will always good smooth and the way we went it to.

The more I move in the directions of my dreams and take risks, the more I feel a battle going on in my mind between two different people with two completely different personalities, one that sits on my left shoulder and one on the left. The left has doubts and thinks that maybe it’s better to take the easy and comfortable path in life that the majority of people take, because the other side requires hard work, dedication, risks and lots of discomfort.

This side at times seems more attractive, because less risk is required: 8am to 5pm job, 5 days a week, set pay check every two week, paid vacation and nothing compared to an autonomous worker that only makes money at the end of the month if hard self discipline and motivation are applied.

This side knows that its easier to sit back and talk about plans and dreams, but wakes up with days with the temptation to be lazy in order and lacks the motivation to achieve those things. She thinks that it is easier to sit back and complain about different things than make the necessary change to make those things better.

The right side is an unstoppable, adventurous spirit, that has many dreams and goals in the life and has a clear vision on life goals.

She wakes up every morning, living in the moment and sees each of her project as an adventure. She deals with different fears each and every day, but she knows her mission and strives to tackle these fears each time they come.

She has daily temptations, but she chooses to maintain balance by doing exercise, eating healthy, having fun with friends and family and doing the things that mean the most to her. She knows that goals are difficult to achieve and they require lots of work and dedication. She keeps her patience in the difficult moments and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve what she sets out to do.

In the path towards our dreams we have to choose the direction in which we are going to take. It’s easy to have the desire to fall into the temptation of laziness and become filled with fears, self doubt and uncertainty on how we will actually make our dreams become a reality.

Having success in life does not mean eliminating this battle in your head and having no fear and doubts. It means recognizing it and working to put the best solution to the situation so that you can overcome those feelings.

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  • The choice is yours….

  • What will you choose for your life?

  • Will you choose to fall into the characteristics of the right or left side?


Sarah - thenomadicdreamer.comThe Battle Towards Success