The Key to Lasting Habits: Trigger Moments

As you all know, sticking to your new years resolutions is never easy. It’s so common for people to start strong on their goals and within just a matter of weeks lose enthusiasm and return back to the routine of life.

Forming good habits and doing them consistently over a period of time is the key to lasting results.

We are what we repeatedly do.

The truth is that almost everyone knows the truth about the importance of habits, routine and consistency. The lack of knowledge is not the problem. The problem so many people just can’t seem to figure out how to keep the habit going over a long period of time.

Wouldn’t it be easier to accomplish your goals if you had a little cute talking friend that sat on your shoulder all day reminding you to stay focused and constantly telling you in the tempting moments to keep moving forward and to not give up?

Well, I can’t promise to give you that, but what I can do is offer some important points to increase the likelihood that you will stay energized, excited and on focused on whatever goal you have set out to do.

With so many decisions to make, thousands of thoughts that cross your mind on a given day and countless temptations around you, it’s no wonder why so many people lose focus and stray away from their goals after a short time.

What most people fail to do is set up triggers in their own life.

In most of our cases, what we truly need is to set up interruptions aka: triggers to interrupt you in your day.

In my personal life, I do this by putting three random alarms each day at different parts of the day to go off. I am forced to stop doing whatever I am doing, look and shut off my alarm and when I do I read the random reminder that I have placed for the day.

Throughout the week I have 21 different reminders.

These reminders generally are in form of:

  • Inspirational/Motivational quotes. “If you never chase your dreams, you will never catch them.”
  • Personal Reminders (Sarah, you are SO much stronger than you can even imagine. Keep up the great work).
  • Orders: “Stop whatever you are doing right now and just take 10 deep breaths. When your finished look at the person next to you and give them a smile).
  • Reflective question: “Sarah, when was the last time you called _____ and told them you appreciate them?
  • Personal goal reminder: “Stay heathy, active, write often, lots of studying. Are you on track with your goals today?”


Given the fact that I work each day from my computer and am constantly traveling long distances, I have to also set up triggers to reduce the chance of burning out.

No matter what kind of task I have, I break my tasks up with triggers. I set alarms on my phone after a certain time working on my computer (generally around one hour) and that alarm signals me that I need to get up, move around, stretch my body and do something new, EVEN IF I feel like I don’t need the break.

This break allows me time to regain my energy and as a result work more effective for the rest of the day.

Setting up triggers that take you eyes away from what you are currently doing and towards a positive reminder can truly be what it takes to get to the next level in your personal goals in dreams.

Whether you are working in a busy hospital, a school full of crazy kids or an office job where you barely have enough time to get your head away from the computer, there IS ALWAYS, ALWAYS time to schedule triggers and reminders.

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