The Most Typical Spanish Foods

Living in Spain for the last two years has opened my eyes to a variety of a new types of food that I probably would’ve never tried in United States. Considering that I was a vegetarian before arriving to Spain, my life changed drastically when I decided that I would try anything and everything while living here.  

I have created a list of the things that I have tried over the last two years in Spain that you MUST try on your next trip to Spain. 


Tapas: Tapas is not actually a food, but rather a wide variety of appetizers that you can eat when going out. In most tapas bars you go inside, pick a few of the appetizers that look good to you, order a drink and eat them standing up. The great thing about going out for tapas is that you get to try a variety of delicious food. 

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Gazpacho: this cool soup is absolutely wonderful for a hot summer day! All you have to do is get some tomatoes peppers olive oil onions and garlic and blend it all together and you have yourself a wonderful meal.

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Morcilla: I don’t really want to ruin it for you before you try it, because it actually is very delicious. If you want to read what is actually in this before trying, click here and you can read more. 

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Jamón serrano: This ham literally has the translation of “ham from the sierra or mountains.” This is served everywhere you look. This is served in very thin slices and is delicious for a bocadillo. 

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Chorizo: A pork sausage that is eaten all over Spain in a variety of ways. 

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Croquettes: You cannot go wrong with homemade croquettes. This fried roll that can be filled with anything you want (chicken, mushrooms, potatoes, bacon etc..) 

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Tortilla española: I would say this is the #1 most common dish served in Spain that can be eaten at anytime of the day. Its fun to learn how to make and if your creative you can make this in many different ways. 

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Pulpo a la Gallega (Octopus): This is a very typical plate from the northern region of Spain, but its also served in other parts. Usually it is served with potatoes and the combination is mouth watering! 

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Paella: A rice dish that can be prepared in a variety of ways. Personally, I love the sea food combination, but it could also contain chicken or another meat of choice. Along with the meat, it might have beans, artichokes, peppers, mushrooms etc. 

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Patatas Bravas: You can’t go to any tapas bar without seeing patatas bravas. This is one of the most commonly served tapas, usually topped with an tasty sauce. 

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Empanadas: A stuffed bread of pastry that you can fill with your choice of meat and can bake or fry. 

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Meatballs (Albondigas) : Nothing beats some home made meatballs from your spanish grandma. If you want to really spice it up, cover the meatballs with bechamel sauce.

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Pan con Tomate: Its one of the simplest, but most common food that people eat here. Toasted bread, tomatoes, olive oil, salt and fresh garlic and you have yourself an amazing snack! 

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Escargot: Cooked snail that is normally served as an appetizer.  

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