The Perfect Day Gone Wrong: Motorcycle Accident in Ko Samui, Thailand

Thailand has always been one of my dream destinations. It has always attracted for its beautiful beaches, hiking, waterfalls, temples, and an endless list of exciting adventures for adrenaline junkies, like myself.

After a beautiful couple of weeks in the northern part of Thailand, I escaped the countryside to visit the islands and relax along the enticing blue sandy beaches.

I prepared my favorite bikinis, an underwater camera with my new Spivo stick, and was more than excited to explore the underwater life and do some scuba diving. I had the perfect plan to explore the island of Ko Samui by motorbike, stop and visit some beautiful beaches, followed by finding some waterfalls hidden away in the mountains and end by visiting the famous Full Moon Party.

It was going to be the perfect escape!

After a 12-hour boat ride to Ko Samui Island, I finally arrived to my destination. I happily grabbed my bags, marched off the ferry, and found my hotel where I would be lodging for the whole week.

For this adventure, I decided to meet up with a friend that had hosted me on Couchsurfing 2 years back in Malaysia that was also in the south to visit the Full Moon Party.

 We woke up the day of the Full Moon Party to beautiful blue skies and decided to start early by renting a motorcycle to explore the island. In order to get good videos and photos, I decided to enjoy the ride and be a passenger, something that I usually never do.

Smiling I looked at my friend and said, “You BETTER not get us in a wreck,” but never really thinking that could be an actual possibility.

We quickly planned our path and made our way to Chaweng Beach. We arrived to see a beautiful, clean, sandy beach, with barely a single person in sight.

After a beautiful visit there, we continued on our path to another beach, through the mountains, and then finally to the local market to get some delicious Thai food.

The day was still young so we decided to explore further inland to see some of the stunning waterfalls that many other travelers had been talking about.

The sensation of riding through the hills, completely immersed in nature and the wind blowing in my face was a complete feeling of freedom and peace.

However, that feeling was short-lived when our perfect day went wrong and in a short second my helmet went flying through the air and I made a hard crash to the ground.

My ears began to ring at a high pitch and all I could see was darkness all around me. An unusual strong pain started to creep in on my right shoulder and I knew that something was really wrong.

After a few minutes, the blurriness and darkness started to fade and I saw my friend on the concrete, covered in blood, and in sheer panic at what had just happened.

With terror in his face, he said “I have no idea what happened, I have no idea what happened! I am so sorry! Are you OK, are you OK??!”

Within a short time, people discovered us on the road, and without a second of hesitation, they called for an ambulance. Being the stubborn person than I am, I insisted that I could try and get us back, but as soon as I tried to stand up, I was overwhelmed by intense pain. I quickly realized that I was not able to get back on our wrecked bike and that I was very injured and had no other choice but to go in the ambulance.

Medical help came within 20 minutes and we were rushed 45 minutes across the island to a public hospital, which we quickly realized was a bad choice as soon as we entered inside by the stretcher.

The hospital was unlike any I had ever seen before. Within the first 10 minutes, I saw a stray dog walking across the floor and line of sick and injured people waiting patiently all around me. To my right was a 3-year-old boy with severe burns up and down his body from a motorcycle accident and the sound of the mother crying behind the curtain filled the room as the doctor cleaned his wounds.

I maintained a sense of calmness, but my friend on the other side still maintained a serious look of distress. Every minute that passed his swelling got worse and the bleeding seemed like it would never stop.

The doctor then came and told us it was time to clean our wounds and we instantly felt a slight dose of the pain that the little child was feeling beside us.

After the dreadful wound cleaning and x-ray, we were both given the OK to leave, with the assurance that absolutely nothing was wrong with us. We limped our way out of the hospital, looking at each other and knowing that something was not right about leaving the hospital so quickly with no assistance.

After leaving the hospital the pain only grew more intense for both of us. We both tried to ignore it, but the next day we decided to listen to our body and visit a more established private hospital to get examined again.

After a short time in the hospital, we both received news that the public hospital failed to see. My friend ended up having a skull line fracture and would need to get surgery and my intense pain was due to a broken collarbone.

The doctor told me that I would need to stop traveling for some time, take it easy and absolutely no swimming, lifting, hiking, or any sort of physical exercise. The moment I received this news I was only 2 weeks into my 5 month trip across Asia and all I could feel was disappointment about all of the activities and adventures I would not be able to do.

In many moments in our travels, things do not go exactly the way we want them to. I had never planned for this type of accident to happen and it placed a major obstacle in my path and my plans.

I had expectations about the way that I wanted things to go, but life had something else planned for me.

Sometimes in hard moments like this its hard to see exactly what life is trying to teach us. Maybe life was trying to teach me to not take a single moment for granted or to teach me to slow down a bit in my life and travels.

Whatever that lesson was, I tried to keep a positive attitude and receive openly what life was trying to teach me. What I learned through this is that every single negative situation that we face has a lesson behind it that we can learn from.

It’s not always easy to open our eyes and see that lesson, but its there to receive. And lastly, no matter how hard the obstacle and hardship we face may be, there is always good to be found.


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