Top Experiences You MUST Have In Spain

Whether its quietly hiking through the Pyrenees Mountains in the northern part of Spain, cheering on a soccer match at the largest stadium in all of Europe, or running in front of a angry herd of bulls, Spain has a variety of experiences that can suit anyone’s needs.

I have not only had the amazing of opportunity to attend some of the most famous festivals in the world located in Spain, but I have truly had the chance to dive into the Spanish culture by living in the country long term and experiencing life in a way that many tourists can’t experience in just a short trip.

If you have the opportunity to visit Spain, start planning your vacation around some of the biggest events that take place in Spain each year, because I promise you it will be worth the experience!

1. Camp Nou

With a capacity of 99,354, it is now the biggest stadium in Europe and an exciting place to see all your favorite soccer matches. While it may be difficult to get ticket to popular games, there are many other opportunities throughout the year to see smaller games and get a personal feel for the energy that the soccer stadium holds.

People in Spain take soccer VERY seriously,  so be prepared for screaming fans and huge celebrations after for the teams victories.

When: Late August- May

Where: Barcelona, Spain 

2. Running of the Bulls (Sanfermines)

Each year thousand of people gather together for the Running of the Bulls Festival. Its internationally known and many brave souls from different nations come to face their fears and run alongside the bulls.

Many people have been seriously injured or even killed during this festival, so its important to be wise if you choose to engage in this activity. If you decide that running with the bulls is not for you, its possible to skip that part and wait in the bull ring at the end of the race.

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The whole city of Pamplona literally turns into a wild party during Sanfermines, with live music, sangria fights, street drinking and so much more.

This was my first Spanish party that I attended in my first month of living abroad and it was unlike anything that I had ever experienced in my life.

If you plan to visit, make sure to book up to 6 months in advance in many cases because this place will be packed!

Are you daring enough to run?

Check out my experience: click here

When: Around the July 6-14th each year

Where: Pamplona, Spain

3. La Tomatina

Join thousands of people in the largest tomato fight in the world.

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This is a one wild and dirty experience that you cannot find any place on Earth. Get your bikini and googles ready and join in on the tomato battle!

When: Last Wednesday of August each year

Where: Buñol, Spain

4. Las Fallas 

Unleash your inner pyro in the streets of Spain at Las Fallas. In the night there are impressive firework and light and the whole city turns into one big party.

During Las Fallas, the main part of the city is turned into an impressive gallery, with hundreds of elaborate cartoon like sculptures that locals spend more than a year preparing. Each one of them have their own unique story and some are quite humorous.

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Those sculptures don’t stay around long though. On the last day, the sculptures are set on fire and the town goes up in flames. This is a sight that you don’t want to miss.

When: Mid March

Where: Valencia, Spain

5. Camino de Santiago

Love nature and hiking? This is a unique experience that attractions thousands of people from all over the world each year. Out of all of my experiences, this is by far my favorite.

There was something so magical about walking in the middle of nature, through the mountains and exploring all of the little villages in between. There are small hostels set up along the way and if you are walking the Camino and you have your “camino passport” with you, then you will be able to stay for around 5 euros a night!

It took me 31 days to walk the Camino de Santiago and I met such amazing people from all over the world.

When: Any time of year (winter months are not recommended)

Where: There are many trails. I did the French Way from St. Jean Pied de Port, France to Finisterre, Spain


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6. Feria de Abril

The Feria de Abril in Seville is one of the most popular celebrations in Spain where you can enjoy sevillanas, bullfights, flamenco music & dancers.

It truly is a fun week of dancing, drinking, eating and socializing with friends.

When: The fair generally begins two weeks after Easter.

Where: Sevilla, Spain

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7. Pyrenees Mountains

Take in some amazing views of the Pyrenees Mountains located between Spain and France. There are so many charming mountainous villages to explore and unexplored paths to hike and discover.

Its perfect in the warm months for hiking and even more perfect in the snow season for skiing and snowboarding.

When: Something is offered at all times of the year, depending on what you enjoy.

Where: Northern Spain


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8. Bullfight

There are controversies everywhere, but whether you agree with it or despise it – bullfighting exists in Spain and is an important part of their history and culture.

I added this to the list, but this is not activity that I actually enjoy, although many people do.

When: Bullfighting season is typically between April to September or October

Where: Many different regions in Spain


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9. El Pilar Festival

Fiesta del Pilar is a religious festival, but that does not take away the fact that the whole city of Zaragoza turns into a party city that does not sleep for an entire week.

There are many activities offered each day, from concerts, parades, exhibitions, dances and bull fighting to more quiet activities and religious ceremonies.

Given that this party is to celebrate the Virgin Pilar, there is an important parade that thousands of people attend with their traditional dresses and outfits on in order to give an offering to the Pilar. Many traditional Aragon families do this together each and every year and it holds a high significance to them.

When: Beginning of October (important day on October 12th).

Where: Zaragoza, Spain (this is the city where I live when I am not traveling).

10. Music Festival

There are many music festivals throughout the year in Spain. These festivals are very exciting and can get quite wild, so make sure to go prepared.

I have attended amazing festivals, such as Arenal Sound, and it was an unforgettable experience of nothing but good music, friends and camping near the beach for 4 days.

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Top music festivals:

  • Festival Internacional de Benicàssim
  • Arenal Sound
  • Azkena Rock, Vida
  • Primavera Sound
  • DGTL Barcelona
  • Bilbao BBK Live
  • I am Global Festival
  • Sónar

When: Different moments throughout the year.

Where: Locations throughout Spain


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