Top Solo Female Travel Myths EXPOSED: Part 1

No matter where you travel in this massive world, you can never escape the harsh opinions of the ones closest to you or even random people you meet in your path.  As I travel around the world, I speak to more people than I can count on a daily basis and get to hear a wide range of opinions on everything from travel, to politics, religion, health, to theories on life itself. Its actually quite entertaining. In addition, I speak to thousands of people every month as a keynote speaker, which opens up the door to hear even more opinions and questions on this “never ending trip” around the world that I am on.

“They say that you have to be so rich to travel the world! I wish I was rich like you! “

“It’s a dangerous world out there, I hear that it’s very dangerous for women traveling alone.”

“My family says that taking time from work to travel would destroy my curriculum.” 

“People say that I need to know at least 2 languages fluent before I travel abroad.” 

I literally here these comments on a daily basis and I can’t help but laugh to myself, because I was once a skeptical person who made the same remarks and talked about this “big, bad, scary world”.

As I travel the globe, I realize more and more how wrong all of my ways of thinking were before starting this journey. What I have learned is that there is a huge difference between what the media portrays and the reality you face as a traveler abroad.

I passionately encourage everyone that has the chance to turn off the television, pack a bag and experience a new reality. This does not mean selling all of your belongings and traveling long term (although that is great as well), but you can simply change your life and perspective of the world by even a small trip abroad.

For all of the skeptical people out there who have a burning desire to travel, I created this article to expose the truth on different myths that are out there regarding solo female travel. My desire is for you is that you will read this, gain confidence and go out and courageously discover the wonders of this beautiful Earth that we live on.

Now lets get to some of these myths! Don’t forget to check out part 2 of this article coming soon!

1. You will not be able to travel to many destinations without lots of unwanted attention

One of women’s main fears of traveling alone is receiving too much unwanted attention. While it is true that there are some countries that have worse reputation than others, there are many things that you can do to blend in more without being the star of the show

Many women complain of constant attention and harassment, but refuse to adapt and change their style of clothing. Skin tight pants, mini skirts, low cut shirts that show your boobs and see through shirts are all open invitations for everyone, not just men, to stare at you. Keep in mind that in many countries, the western way of dressing is not the normal and if you look too foreign, its normal for people to stare out of curiosity.

Photo taken at Petra in Jordan “7 Wonders of the World”

My biggest tip is if you want to avoid problems, dress conservatively, especially in Middle Eastern countries. Don’t do any rare things that draw unnecessary attention to yourself and don´t play any eye games with men if you don´t want them to hit on you. If you make eye contact and show flirtatious behavior, although you may have no intentions, can create big problems.

2. You need a man with you to protect you, because traveling alone as a woman is dangerous.

This is such a lie! Everything comes down to common sense and how you carry yourself. If you take the safety precautions (not walking alone at night etc), just like all people should, then traveling alone can be a very amazing and safe experience. I traveled alone all through Central America, which is known for one of the most dangerous areas in in the world, and although people though I was absolutely crazy, I made it out alive with unforgettable story.

If you are a women and are wanting to travel alone, its important that you go into the experience with a positive and confident and always be prepared by knowing the place as much as you can before going.

3. Solo traveling is only for single people. “I would never be able to go because I am in a relationship.”

Traveling alone is not only for single people. I have met many people on the road that have serious relationships back home and manage them very well from distance. If you have a healthy relationship, your partner should support you in your dreams and whatever you decide to do for your life.

If you are wanting to go on a long term trip alone, your boyfriend should understand that it has nothing to do with him, rather an action you must take in order to move one step closer to one of your own personal goals and dreams. Living the experience of traveling alone at least one time in your life is worth every minute. You will leave the experience learning so many new things about yourself.

4. Solo traveling means you spend the majority of your time alone

People have this automatic assumption that traveling alone means many long hours completely alone. All the activities that you typically do on a normal day of travel:  visiting all of the main tourist attractions, breakfast, lunch, dinner, walking through the city, museums…everything….completely alone….MYTH!

I always travel alone, but I am never actually. I actively seek to find more time to be with just myself, because when people see you without other people around, you are an automatic magnet. People will be interested to know your story and why you are not being accompanied with someone. If you stay in a hostal, this number drastically increases, and at times its hard to find a place of silence.

Couch Surfing Friends Pyramids in Egypt

There are countless places to meet others while on the road. I use CouchSurfing hangouts, which will show you all the people in the area (travelers or locals), that are near you and available to hang out at the time you are looking. Free city tours are a great way to find other travelers that are looking for someone to spend the day with, as well as meet ups that you can find and arrange online.

Having the fear of spending all of your time alone if you travel by yourself is something you should take out of your mind and just take action and go! You will be so proud of yourself after you do it.

5. Quitting your job and traveling could ruin your career and curriculum

We live in a world that is so worried about maintaining a perfect professional appearance and having the best curriculum to impress the top boss.  An awkward gap of time in the curriculum for a long trip could be a concern for you, especially because it would be a time that you were not working and only investing in your own personal growth and development.

I am 100% in support others that desire to take a period of time off to explore the world, regardless of what others may think. If you can afford to take the time off, it will be something that you will never look back on and say “darn, I wish I would of spent that time traveling working extra hours!¨However, if you decide to not travel and just work, you may find yourself looking back with regrets. Even if it is just a couple of weeks or month trip, this can drastically shape your mind and the way you think about yourself and the world.

Every bit of international experience that you get will be beneficial to you personally and professionally.


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