Travel: BlaBla Car

Still not sold on the idea of hitchhiking around Europe, but desire to travel around Europe the cheapest and fastest way possible? 

As an ambassador for BlaBla car for over two years, I have had many experience using this form of transportation. 

BlaBla car is a ride sharing system that is common in Europe and can cut your costs in half in many countries. Not only do you cut your costs, but its a way to spice up your trip, rather than just taking the boring, slow buses. I consider Blabla car to be “online hitchhiking“, because it basically has the same concept, except with BlaBla car you can get to know more about your driver before you ask for a ride, unlike hitchhiking where you go blindly. 

How does BlaBla Car work? 

The way Blabla car works, has changed over the last couple years. It used to be where you could talk directly to the driver from the website, book your ride and not have to deal with anyone else. Seeing that there were lots of complains from drivers who accepted passenger, the passengers did not show up and the driver was left with an empty car, BlaBla car wanted to make some changes. 

In order to use BlaBla car now, you need to put a form of payment before receiving the phone number of the driver. If you want to speak with your driver before the trip about any kind of details, there is a public forum that you can speak openly with the driver and the other people interested in the same ride. 

If you would like to take the ride, you simply put in your credit card information on a secure reputable website and that money is held by BlaBla car (not the driver), until the end of the trip. At that point you will receive the phone number of the driver, your name will appear on the website as a booked seat (assuring that your place will be there) and you can call him or her directly. If you decide to take the trip, after the trip you will be sent by text message a code, and all you need to do is give that code to the driver in order to finalize the last details and the driver can receive the money.

What if I need to cancel my trip? 

Things are always bound to happen and BlaBla car understands that. If you cancel more than 24 hours before your departure date you will get 100% of the refund put back on your card. If something comes up very last minute then you will get 50% of the refund back, excluding the small fee to use the services. If you don’t show up at all, then your driver will get back 100% and you are left with nothing. By doing this, drivers are ensured that they will have someone in their car and everyone is happy. 

How can I assure I will be safe? 

You can never be safe about any forms of transportation. In the case of BlaBla car, you can always get online and read the reviews of the drivers and choose the one that seems good for you. After you pay, you can talk with him or her by telephone and if you have any doubts, you can cancel and choose someone else. 

What are the advantages of Blabla car? 

Using blabla car pushes you to get outside of your comfort zone and try something different. Its posible that you will have an unpleasant experience, however if you focus on that probability then thats probably what you will get. I have met so many wonderful people using BlaBla car and have engaged in lots of interesting conversations with people from all over, cut my costs in half and saved a ton of time in transportation. 

Would you try this form of transportation? Have you tried it? Tell me your experiences!


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