Travel Overland: Megabus Style

Want to travel across the USA, Canada or even parts of Europe without dealing with the hassle and high prices of flying?

If so, Megabus might just be the option you are looking for. Megabus is a company that offers cheap bus fairs in over 100 different cities in North America and Europe. When I say cheap, I really do mean cheap! If you plan ahead or look on the right day, you can find bus tickets over 10+ hours for only $1.00 with no hidden fees!

Megabuses are big blue decker coach busses, that are in my personal opinion the most comfortable busses I have ever been in. Each bus has power outlets, reclining seats wifi and bathrooms.

The process is easy; all you have to do is go online, buy a ticket, show it on your phone when that time comes and that’s it. You can pay a little extra to pick a seat or you can do the free choice, which is what I did, and show up early and get a good seat. If something happens and you all the sudden need to change your ticket, it’s only one dollar.

I decided to go on a big adventure and go over 27 hours in a Megabus. I had to go a bit of of my way, given that there are not stops in every big city, but I left Little Rock, Arkansas-Memphis, Tennessee-Atlanta, Georgia- Washington DC-Baltimore, Maryland- New York City- New Haven CT.

When I looked a couple of months ago for the rates, I found the whole trip under $20, however I waited and I ended up paying:

  • Little Rock- Memphis =$10
  • Memphis to Atlanta $34
  • Atlanta to Washington $73.
  • Baltimore, Maryland- New York City= $20
  • New York City-New Haven, CT = $15


Grand Total= $152 

If you look Ahead it is possible to find these prices for less than 5 dollars, shop around and don’t wait!

Through my own personal experience I can tell you that some of the bus stops can be a bit rough (Little Rock or Memphis). Depending on the time of the year it’s important to dress according because of the fact that there are not actual Megabus stations to sit inside (at least not to my knowledge).

The bus on the overnight trip was a bit cold and during the middle part of the day it was pretty warm, so just keep temperature changes in mind.

I strongly recommend if you’re not reserving special seats to arrive early, or you may get put in a seat that you don’t like, next to someone you don’t want to be next to. The busses tend to fill up, so go early. Also, you are allowed one carry on item and one checked bag. Sometimes they don’t care the size of your checked one, but on my last bus the woman did weigh some bags, and in the case your bag is too big, you will have to pay extra.

My experience was fantastic and I will continue to use Megabus. I will stress again the importance of arriving early to pick your seat, brining ear plugs, chargers, sleeping mask and some snacks. Keep an open mind and it can be a great experience!


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